New Museum in Mexico Makes Science Red Hot

New Museum in Mexico Makes Science Red Hot

Design firm completes work on Horno 3 Museo del Acero, Mexico's latest visitor attraction


Monterrey, Mexico–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–September 20, 2007–The planning and design work on the exhibit experience for Mexico’s Horno 3 Museo del Acero has been completed by Vancouver-based AldrichPears Associates. Today, this unique museum officially opens its doors to the 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey.

Working closely with Museo del Acero staff, AldrichPears Associates developed the conceptual design and exhibits for the new museum. This world-class facility tells the history of steelmaking in Mexico, explains the process of making steel step by step, and allows visitors to experience the excitement of standing next to a working blast furnace.

What makes the Museo del Acero so unique is that it is housed inside a ninety-meter-high blast furnace on the site of Mexico’s first integrated steel mill, Fundidora de Monterrey. Horno No. 3 was built in 1967 and decommissioned when the mill closed in 1986.

The Museo del Acero’s 16,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space offers a variety of exciting experiences that cater to diverse audiences. In the history gallery, México a Través del Acero, visitors can listen to steelworkers’ stories on telephones and dress up as factory laborers. The playful, science-based steel gallery, La Acería, makes use of immersive environments and full body play to transport visitors to the mill or the mine. The museum’s must-see attraction, El Gigante Dormido brings Horno No. 3 to life through shooting sparks and bursts of flames. Finally, visitors can ride inside what was once the ore lift to the top of the blast furnace.

“Visitors see how science and technology is relevant in their everyday lives by being able to interact with exhibits on the steelmaking process,” says Luis López Pérez, the director of the museum. Part science center, part museum, and part thrill ride, the Museo del Acero will inspire the country’s future steel scientists and engineers.

About AldrichPears Associates:

AldrichPears Associates is a Vancouver-based firm that provides exhibit design and planning services to museums, science centers, zoos, and interpretive centers. Serving an international clientele, the firm plans and creates compelling and entertaining visitor experiences that captivate the imagination and invite lifelong learning.

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New Museum in Mexico Makes Science Red Hot