One Turkey Fits All! Butterball(R) Turkey Talk-Line(TM) Experts make your Holiday Meal...

One Turkey Fits All! Butterball(R) Turkey Talk-Line(TM) Experts make your Holiday Meal Planning a Snap

America’s First Turkey Celebrates 50 Years


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Downers Grove, IL–(HISPANIC
PR WIRE)–November 10, 2004–Low carb, low fat, low calorie, low sodium, diabetes-friendly
– millions will be following some sort of diet or eating plan this holiday
season. It’s no surprise that nearly 90 percent of Americans will continue
to serve turkey as their traditional holiday centerpiece (according to a recent
survey (1)), as it is high in protein and low in fat. This holiday season, with
advice from the bilingual experts at the Butterball(R) Turkey Talk-LineTM (1-800-BUTTERBALL
[press #7 for Spanish] or, select “en Español”),
it’s easy to make everyone at the table happy, no matter the meal plan. The
Butterball experts are prepared to help callers and Web site visitors serve a
top-notch turkey and holiday meal — whether traditional or tailored to guests’
specific dietary preferences.

“In recent years, we’ve
received calls asking how to adapt holiday meals to specialized diets,”
said Mary Clingman, director of the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line. “I always
tell them turkey is a main course that fits most people’s diets and the
Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is here to help you prepare it to perfection. This
year has new recipes with tips for making the holiday meal more

According to the National
Diabetes Information Clearinghouse, 8.2 percent of all Latinos over the age
of 20 had diabetes in 2002. On average, Hispanic/Latino Americans are 1.5 times
more likely to have diabetes than non-Hispanic whites of similar age.

“Most people are surprised
when I tell them that it isn’t necessary to rework their menu because a
guest has diabetes,” says Astrid Volpert, registered dietitian and bilingual
Butterball Turkey Talk-Line expert. “Because turkey is naturally high in
protein and low in fat, meeting everyone’s dietary needs for the holiday
is easy – especially when using Butterball’s Open-Pan Roasting Method.
It’s what we add and surround the turkey with that might not be on our
new ‘diet’ menus.”

Some tips from the Butterball
Kitchens for simple changes in holiday meal preparation to help create a traditional
meal that meets everyone’s dietary needs include:



MAIN ENTRÉE:             




— Butterball(R)         
There’s no substitute

for Butterball(R) turkey

on Thanksgiving!

— Brush with            

   oil or butter         
For easy preparation and

clean-up, use a cooking spray

like PAM(R) before putting your

turkey in the oven 

Reduced fat, lower sodium gravy

— Turkey pan            
Use pan drippings from a Butterball

Fresh Turkey that has been flavored

with a salt-free seasoning rub

— Broth                 

Pour pan drippings into a glass

measure; let stand several minutes

so fat rises to the top.  Remove and

discard fat layer before adding reduced

sodium broth to remaining drippings

Carb Modified stuffing

— Bread or croutons     
Increase dietary fiber by using whole

with spices for flavor   
grain bread

Replace part of the bread with extra

onions, celery or other vegetables,

as well as sausage or nuts


Mashed Potatoes          
Mashed “Potatoes”

— Potatoes    
          Use baked sweet

— Butter, cream or   
   Replace butter and whole

   whole milk        
    milk with chicken broth and

garlic for flavor when reducing


Sweet Potatoes   
        “Still Sweet” Potatoes

— Sweet potatoes        
Cook sweet potatoes by baking

instead of boiling and flavor

— Brown sugar, butter,  
with sweet spices like cinnamon

to bring out the natural sweetness

Bring nutritious, colorful

Vegetables to the table

— Starchy vegetables  
  Add color and nutrients by serving

roasted sweet peppers, yellow squash,

          steamed green beans,
asparagus or



Pumpkin Pie a la Mode    
Use evaporated low-fat milk and bake

the pumpkin filling without a crust

— Evaporated whole       to
reduce fat


Cut sugar by one-third to one-half,

— Pastry or graham  
    or use sugar substitutes in recipes to

   cracker crust         
make desserts nutritious without

 sacrificing taste – simply add more

— Pie filling           
cinnamon, vanilla or nutmeg. Serve mini

portions of the dessert and offer fresh

— Whipped cream         
fruit as an alternative

Butterball Celebrates 50
Years On America’s Tables

This year, in celebration
of Butterball turkey turning 50, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line will officially
open on November 8, 2004, its anniversary date. The more than 50 Butterball
Turkey Talk-Line home economists and nutritionists will be ready to answer callers’
questions (in both English and Spanish) about how to best cook and serve their
holiday turkey.

In addition, to honor its
50th, Butterball will launch a new Spanish language version of its Web site.
The Spanish language site will offer a turkey cooking guide, selected Butterball
recipes, Thanksgiving celebration tips and suggestions for preparing a nutritious
holiday meal. New recipes with tips also will be added to
to help plan for the various dieters at your table, such as low-fat and diabetes-friendly

The 1-800-BUTTERBALL professionals
are the trusted resource, always prepared to offer advice and ideas on everything
from choosing the right size turkey to creating an exciting holiday meal. Since
its inception 24 years ago, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line has handled more
than 2.7 million calls from holiday cooks.

Butterball, a product of
ConAgra Foods, is the nation’s leading brand of turkey. Based in Downers Grove,
Ill., Butterball has served consumers for 50 years with a history of quality
and consumer trust. For more information regarding Butterball, other related
products and mouth-watering turkey recipes, visit the Butterball Web site at

ConAgra Foods, Inc. (NYSE:
CAG) is one of North America’s largest packaged food companies, serving consumer
grocery retailers, as well as restaurants and other foodservice establishments.
Popular ConAgra Foods consumer brands include: ACT II, Armour, Banquet, Blue
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Wesson, Wolf and many others. For more information, visit

Editor’s Note: Professional
home economists and nutritionists staffing the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line are
available for media interviews. RECIPES, HI-RES PHOTOS AND TIPS AVAILABLE. For
more information, please contact Kimberley McArthur at 312/233-1574 or

(1) Survey of 1,000 Americans
conducted on behalf of Butterball on the weekend of September 9-11, 2004.


Kimberley McArthur, 312-233-1574

One Turkey Fits All! Butterball(R) Turkey Talk-Line(TM) Experts make your Holiday Meal Planning a Snap