An American Dream that you can invest in

An American Dream that you can invest in


–(HIPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–Sole-proprietorships or partnerships are some of the most active companies in the US economy. They show flexibility, adequate response and they quickly become part of the new industry niches. Among these, figure minority-owned firms that-thanks to the special benefits that they enjoy-result in a favorable position for contracting. Hispanics living the “American Dream” own several of these companies.

Every year, HISPANIC Magazine lists 100 of the fastest-growing Latino businesses. To be considered, the companies need to be at least 51-percent Hispanic-owned and have a minimum of $1 million in projected revenues. Jordan Kane Floor Coverings, Inc. (Stock Symbol: JKFC), a company with the most growth nationwide among minority-owned businesses, has made the list for the past four years.

The success story of Frank Urban, founder of Jordan Kane Flooring Coverings has its roots in the South Bronx. It was literally constructed on dreams, audacity and determination. With only 3,900 dollars to his name, a fax machine and a makeshift office in his home garage, Frank set up shop in 1995 and began cleaning carpets. “With my wife’s blessing and support, I gathered the courage to launch Jordan Kane Floor Coverings”, he says. He named the company after his young son, who was also born that same year.

Nine years later Jordan Kane Floor Coverings, Inc. (Stock Symbol: JKFC) has become a reliable provider of commercial floor coverings, as the company doubles its volume year after year. On that note, it has been a publicly held business since 2004. “I was fortunate to meet successful business people and executives from large corporations. My goal was to do business with some of the most reputable companies in the tri-state area, however first I had to learn how the key decision-makers of large companies chose the vendors with which they wanted to do business.”

His work includes the total renovation of the Millennium Hotel at Ground Zero and the CNN offices in New York. His client list includes familiar names, even for those of us who may not be too familiar with the area: Time Warner, NBC, Sheraton Hotels, Goldman Sachs, Bank of New York, Hilton, Columbia University and Holiday Inn.

The company’s stocks are up on a daily basis, thanks to an impressive increase in sales. Its performance in the stock market has called the attention of prestigious analysts, who recommend it as a strong buy. Jordan Kane Floor Coverings, Inc. (Stock Symbol: JKFC) has an excellent income perspective that is way above average.

The excellent results of the past couple of years rely on a good forward-looking vision on business and an excellent operations logistics. Its solid and active portfolio of satisfied clients, development of new markets and already-signed contracts support a positive sales projection and a future of rising benefits. It also operates in an economic sector-the real estate market-that is in continuous expansion.

Frank shares a few of the secrets of his success: “I dedicate countless hours ensuring that every job we do lives up to every promise I make when contracted.” He also applies a “solid discipline within my company utilizing much of the information I had previously gathered on the client’s needs and requirements.” Frank tells his story in order to “inspire the youth to believe that their dreams can come true.”

And if that extra push, vision and aptitude for business is still not enough, at least an intelligent decision may be to invest in Frank’s company (Stock Symbol: JKFC). He obviously knows how to produce the best amount of dividends. For additional information, visit

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An American Dream that you can invest in