A Sound Idea for Seniors

A Sound Idea for Seniors


BURR RIDGE, Ill., July 29 /HISPANIC PR WIRE-CONTEXTO LATINO/ — Senior citizens happen to be the largest-growing segment of society today, thanks to Baby Boomers who are reaching the big 6-0. Many seniors are living active lives and they are more self-sufficient than in generations past. But there are always methods of making seniors’ lives even easier, especially if they’re living with a physical handicap or impairment.

Thanks to technology, a slew of advancements have been made in recent years that are perfect for seniors who are adapting to impairments but don’t want to compromise their active lifestyles. Perhaps the most obvious examples are the advancements made that have benefited the hearing-impaired community.

As recently as the early part of this century, many hearing-impaired individuals found that existing technology was no longer adequate in meeting their lifestyle needs. A specific group of that community’s members founded ClearSounds Communications, which now offers assistive listening devices for those people with mild to moderate hearing loss.

One such device is the ClearSounds Talk500. Designed for people with both hearing and vision loss, the Talk500 vocally announces incoming calls by reading the name or numbers in a clear voice while also displaying that information on the LCD screen. Other features include amplified handset volume and tone, talking keypad ability and a 30 number talking phone book, among others.

While this device is helpful to seniors experiencing a loss in hearing, its additional features, such as speakerphone and Talking Caller ID, make it the ideal phone for those experiencing a loss in vision as well. Because the phone features an LCD backlight with contrast control, those with limited vision needn’t struggle to find their way through a dark room to find the phone. Instead, they can simply follow the bright light or merely listen to incoming calls via the speakerphone.

To learn more about the Talk500 phone and other ClearSounds products that benefit those with impairments, visit their Web site at www.clearsounds.com.

Looking for other ideas to assist the senior in your life? Consider the following things you can do.

— Outfit the home with devices, such as grab bars in the bathroom, extra lighting inside and outside, and ramps in lieu of entryway stairs.

— Pre-program telephones with frequently called numbers, including doctors’ offices, relatives and friends.

— Install walk-in showers or baths for easy entry and exit.

— Invest in universal remotes so that TV watching is simplified.

— Consider installation of a central house system that can control lights and appliances from one master unit.

— Shop around for alarm systems so seniors can feel safer while traveling or even when they’re home.

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A Sound Idea for Seniors