A Sweet and Unforgettable Holiday Season

A Sweet and Unforgettable Holiday Season


–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – CONTEXTO LATINO)–The Holiday Season is undoubtedly a time for celebration, happiness and sharing with loved ones. After going to great lengths decorating our homes, we love to have friends and family over the house for a home-cooked dish. The season lends itself to overindulging, as we gather around the kitchen conjuring up our favorite holiday recipes from back home. The mix of cinnamon, vanilla and other spices make up the peculiar aroma of a holiday dessert.

And who doesn’t like dessert? It is one of the most popular dishes at holiday get-togethers. Although you can indulge in them any time of year, sweet confections such as “tembleque”, “arroz con dulce”, “rosca de Reyes”, vanilla and coconut “flan”, fruitcakes and fruit pies, are basically considered Christmas desserts. However, “dulce de leche” is popular year-round.

This traditional dessert was created in Spain hundreds of years ago, and later introduced to Latin America. It has kept its original name in the majority of countries; however it is also known as “ariquipe” in Colombia, “manjar” in Peru and Chile, and “cajeta” in Mexico.

But regardless of the changes in name, its recipe has remained the same. In an essence, “dulce de leche” is made by boiling milk with sugar, vanilla and cinnamon, until it becomes a creamy caramel paste. A truly luscious concoction!

Besides tasty desserts, what would the holidays be without holiday beverages? They are an important complement to any celebration, from a delicious Puerto Rican “coquito” to a delicious glass of fruit punch spiked with rum.

For those of you who like to finish your meal with good liqueur, Dulseda has both tradition and flavor. The super premium creamy liqueur is a sophisticated blend of select Caribbean rums and real cream that is inspired by the taste of the traditional “dulce de leche”. Its name is a combination of the words “dulce” (sweet) and “seda” (silk). Those who like to moniker new words may call it “Dulceseda”, “Dulcesedoso” or “Sedosamente Dulce”.

Dulseda: a name to appreciate, a brand to remember, and a tradition favorite that should be honored by Hispanics, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. Dulseda has been created especially for Hispanics who enjoy new, flavorful experiences, while staying true to family traditions. This Holiday Season is a perfect time to surprise your guests with Dulseda; it will make for a sweet and unforgettable experience.

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A Sweet and Unforgettable Holiday Season