La Política Launches with Focus on Business of Reaching Hispanic Voters

La Política Launches with Focus on Business of Reaching Hispanic Voters

Online publication to provide politicians and decision-makers with critical insights on reaching the country’s fastest-growing demographic


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–November 5, 2007–La Política, the first and only electronic trade publication covering the business of political marketing to Hispanics, announced today the launch of its first issue. will help elected officials, candidates, campaign managers, advisers and consultants throughout the country develop the strategies and tactics required to reach Latinos and gain their support. It will also be used by federal and states government officials, fund raisers, academics, and community organizations to better understand the needs and aspirations of Hispanic voters.

With headquarters in Miami, La Política will be researched, reported and written by professional journalists based around the country and operating under the editorial direction of Luis Clemens, a seasoned journalist and editor with 20 years of experience.

“Hispanic voters have distinct political interests and value systems than the rest of the electorate,” said Luis Clemens, editor of La Política. “We will report on the attempts by the campaigns to navigate these complex waters and reach out to Latinos.”

There are over 17 million eligible Hispanic voters in the U.S., a 30 percent increase from 2002. And they will comprise an expected 12 percent of the total electorate in the 2008 elections (Pew Hispanic Center Tabulations). This represents an unavoidable challenge and a unique opportunity. La Política will shed light on this market, and put into context the ways in which political experts reach this increasingly-powerful group.

La Política will focus on news related to election campaigns, proposed legislation, and other political activities that are relevant to Latino voters. Attention will be given to developments in the ongoing immigration debate. But the publication will mainly analyze issues of education, healthcare, housing, foreign policy and free trade as they affect Hispanics in the U.S.

La Política follows the highly successful model of Hispanic Market Weekly, launched by publisher Arturo Villar in 1997, when the Hispanic marketing and advertising industries were growing exponentially but lacked a trade publication to chronicle their importance and guide their practitioners.

“Hispanic Market Weekly satisfied that important demand and has become the must-read electronic publication on marketing to Latinos,” explained Villar. “Today, we face a similar opportunity with the business of political marketing to Hispanics, and La Política will help fill this void.”

Among other services, La Política’s website will offer a weekly newsletter, daily updates,, directories and functional databases. Weekly opinion pieces will be written by analysts and thinkers from a diverse group of columnists selected by contributing editor Roberto Suro, the former director of the Pew Hispanic Center and current professor of journalism at the University of Southern California.

La Política Launches with Focus on Business of Reaching Hispanic Voters