UnBuenDoctor(R) Launches the First Ever Spanish-Language Website Dedicated to Providing Hispanics with...

UnBuenDoctor(R) Launches the First Ever Spanish-Language Website Dedicated to Providing Hispanics with the Ultimate Resources for Health Care

UnBuenDoctor.com gives Hispanics the tools they need to have information about their health, doctors, organizations, insurance and benefits at the click of a button


Chicago, IL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–November 13, 2007–UnBuenDoctor(R) has launched the first Spanish-language website that will focus on the 32.2 million Spanish speakers in the US and allow them to search for doctors and organizations while obtaining the latest information about their health, beauty, nutrition and diverse well-being issues that prevail throughout the Hispanic community. UnBuenDoctor.com is dedicated to making health care information and resources accessible to any and all Hispanics throughout the United States by presenting it in an inviting user-friendly format.

“We realize how important is to have access to useful information regarding health, nutrition and wellbeing. Our community is lagging behind when it comes to these services, now with the UnBuenDoctor.com website they have at their disposal, a multitasking tool that will definitely help in mitigating the health information gap in a culturally sensitive environment,” says Founder of UnBuenDoctor.com, Carlos Mauricio Olea. Lack of information and access to resources contribute greatly to the poor quality of health and to the alarmingly high obesity, diabetes, aids, cancer and blood cholesterol levels that exist throughout the Hispanic community. Therefore, the site offers non-profit health organizations the opportunity to publicize their fairs, drives and workshops for free so that their initiatives and programs can have a broader reach to those in need.

Information and knowledge is the key to providing a healthier lifestyle and longevity to the Hispanic community and the objective of UnBuenDoctor.com is to reach the 16 million Hispanics that are presently online and provide them with the knowledge while helping them to establish healthier lifestyles.

“Today there are many health fairs and events throughout the cities across the United States, one predominant issue is that most of us, in the community, do not know about them and we do not know where to find such information. UnBuenDoctor.com invites all organizations to be part of the calendar “Ferias de Salud y Eventos” (Health Fairs and Events channel) – it is a totally free service. Finally there is a place for the Hispanic community to refer to by selecting a city and finding at glance, in the calendar, what health fairs and events activities are available, where they will be located and been able to print this information, that even displays a practical map showing where the exact location of each event will be,” Mr. Olea added.

Sifting Through it All

UnBuenDoctor.com offers users the ability to be able to search for doctors, dentists, hospitals and organizations within their own community while specifically tailoring it to their needs. Basic information on the healthcare providers takes out some of the guesswork of choosing a physician. Importantly, UnBuenDoctor.com, will also provide online users with “Seguros de Salud.” This site area which is sponsored by Aetna (NYSE: AET) provides users with an easy to read guide which allows them to better understand the different types of health insurances available, frequently asked questions, questions they should ask their agent and, useful information about coverage for health and life insurance issues. This feature is of great value because, according to the Census Bureau, over 30% of US Hispanics remain without health coverage.

Maintenance and Prevention

An essential part of living a long life is maintaining a healthy lifestyle and quite often there is lack of information on how to prevent the diseases that are the most prevalent throughout the Hispanic community, such as, among others, obesity, diabetes, HIV, cancer, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. For the first time the Spanish-speaking community will be able to access hundreds of articles on health, proper nutrition, beauty tips, and the key to a sustainable lifestyle that can keep them feeling and looking healthier and young. Most importantly, it will all be available in Spanish through one portal at UnBuenDoctor.com.

About UnBuenDoctor(R)

Chicago-based UnBuenDoctor Magazine (http://www.UnBuenDoctor.com) is the city’s only Hispanic health publication, providing Latinos with information in Spanish about medical issues and helping them link locally to the services and resources they need to get help. UnBuenDoctor.com is the digital Mecca for health resources in the Hispanic community.

UnBuenDoctor(R) is owned and published by CMO, Inc., a company owned by former Impremedia Corporate Manager and former La Raza Newspaper Associate Publisher Carlos Mauricio Olea.

UnBuenDoctor(R) Launches the First Ever Spanish-Language Website Dedicated to Providing Hispanics with the Ultimate Resources for Health Care