Velneo vDevelop Respects Developer’s Siesta

Velneo vDevelop Respects Developer’s Siesta


Galicia, Spain–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 23, 2006–Velneo,, has launched the Velneo vDevelop -its global business solutions software- to all the English speaking community. Their first steps towards this community have made them make new friends along the way: Hispanic and Latino developers inside the U.S.A.

Velneo presents itself as an ideal Visual Basic / .Net alternative. In addition, as it is becoming very popular among Latin-American countries because of its performance and appealing price, Velneo has begun to track how each day more Latino programmers in the United States are downloading the vProfessional Velneo vDevelop freeware version. Not the brand new 6.4 English version, but the Spanish one!!!

As Velneo expands, and works on building their English online store,, many Latinos click on the Spanish site discovering a brand new tool for creating business database and management applications. Velneo’s platform is not kid’s play, as many public and private institutions use applications developed with this fourth generation language to manage information. Velneo describes its RAD technology stating that “if speedy Gonzalez were a business solutions developer, he would most definitely use Velneo”. Velneo’s youtube video, ”¿Que es Velneo?”, has surpassed 80,000 views in three weeks. They insist that their platform reduces developing times and costs greatly, without losing either stability or performance. It allows developers to focus on other tasks: case studies, managing their business, and even la siesta…

Velneo’s philosophy is based on a set of different rules and principals that is strongly inherent to Hispanic and Latin tradition. Practical and efficient, the Velneo platform is for professionals that value their time.

They are betting so hard on their technology that they intend to change the way people conceive developing business applications. They throw in a bunch of business-orientated open code templates, an extensive item repository, a project runner… all in the vProfessional freeware version, both Spanish,, and in English, “Esta hecho a nuestra manera”, Velneo explains proudly. The English version is also available at

Although Velneo’s English version is fully operative, it seems many Latinos find programming in Spanish very appealing. They can get a head start on all Velneo’s power, having a competitive advantage over non-Spanish speakers. They access Velneo’s forum,, they receive Velneo’s news bulletin and post on Velneo’s blog, while Velneo’s English product’s site is playing catch up as a newly born webpage. Velneo’s hispanic developers can program in Spanish, enabling English speaking end-users to work in English with the applications they develop since the English client-server architecture is completely compatible with the Spanish vDevelop editing tool.

Velneo uses terms like bala, doble-bala (bullet and double bullet), and other more conventional terms like rejilla (grid) or puntero (pointer) which amuse Latinos inside and outside the U.S.A., so used to working with English terms. For the first time Latino and Hispanic developers have a head start. For more on Velneo, go to With Velneo, life is soft!!!

Velneo vDevelop Respects Developer’s Siesta