Video: Latina Moms Cite Family’s Health as a Top Concern, Yet Time...

Video: Latina Moms Cite Family’s Health as a Top Concern, Yet Time Pressures Are Their Number One Challenge, a New SPLENDA(R) Brand Survey Reveals

Latina Mom and Author, Carolina Buia, Offers Solutions for Improving Health and Work-Life Balance


FORT WASHINGTON, Pa., May 6 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — A new survey released today by the SPLENDA(R) Brand reveals that health and well-being is a top concern for three out of four Latina Moms, with 86 percent recognizing they should do more to improve their family’s health and happiness outlook. In fact, improving health ranks significantly higher than education and saving for college (50 percent). However, almost three out of five Latina moms cite time pressures as the number one challenge to keeping their family on a healthy track. Therefore, the SPLENDA(R) Brand and author, entertaining expert, and full-time mom Carolina Buia have partnered together to provide Latina moms with simple, everyday solutions to help improve the health and well-being of themselves and their families, while maintaining a good work-life balance.

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“The SPLENDA(R) Brand’s survey highlights some of the key struggles we Latina moms face when trying to balance our career and home life and keep both top of mind,” said Buia. “As a busy full-time mom of twin girls as well as a working woman, I know first hand how difficult it can be to ensure you’re the making the right health choices for your family. Yet, by incorporating some simple changes to our lifestyles, we can stay on the right track for a healthy future.”

Buia offers Latina moms the following simple, everyday solutions to help improve the health and well-being of their families, while maintaining a good work-life balance:

— 67 percent of Latina Moms say the kitchen is a family gathering place. Take advantage of meal times together and institute and teach your kids about the tradition of sobremesa. That time spent gathered around a table talking after a meal is a good way to exchange that day’s happenings. It’s of course a good time to savor and digest the delicious meal, but can also be used as a time to energize the family dynamic with a short game of loteria or dominos.

— When preparing Latino dishes, cut calories without sacrificing taste by using low calorie sweeteners, such as SPLENDA(R) Sweetener Products instead of sugar in traditional recipes like arroz con leche and beverages like licuados. It’s easy to still enjoy those tempting foods that may not be a healthy choice. Simply adapt the recipes and look for ways to cut fat, carbohydrates and calories from some of your family’s favorite foods.

— Plan ahead! A busy work week can lead to unhealthy eating if you’re unprepared. Set aside some time on days off to think about easy meals to prepare for you and your family during the work week. Put up the family’s meal plan on the refrigerator to encourage everyone to stick to the plan and help you better manage what everyone is eating.

— Encourage your family to become more physically active indoors and outdoors. After family meals, have a dance night in your living room, where you teach your kids how to salsa or merengue, and they teach you the latest dance moves. Or commit to taking a walk or going for 1/2 hour bike ride as a family. Engage your children by allowing them to help plan the physical activity. Also, make sure your children are enjoying the outdoors afterschool as opposed to just staying indoors.

— While spending time with family is valuable, remember to schedule some time in the day for yourself. Start an early morning exercise routine, take a dancing class, or find a book, CD or DVD that can help improve your English-language skills.

The SPLENDA(R) Brand recently had the survey conducted to understand the worries and challenges Hispanic moms face — from demanding schedules to health and nutrition to how moms make their families happy. Other insight from the survey reveals that despite challenges in keeping their families on a healthy track, Latina Moms are committed to living a healthy lifestyle that ensures family traditions remain intact. The two top health goals include ensuring physical activity (77 percent), while focusing on setting a healthier, yet still traditional diet (69 percent).

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About the Survey

The SPLENDA(R) Brand’s survey was conducted by Richard Day Research of Evanston, Ill. between March 3-11, 2009 from on online panel of 507 U.S. women who were born before 1991, of Hispanic origin, mothers of children under the age of 18 in their household, and Spanish-dominant or bilingual.

About Carolina Buia

Carolina Buia is the co-author with Isabel Gonzalez of Latin Chic: Entertaining with Style and Sass (Rayo), which captures the best pan-Latin flavors and the unique spirit of Latin entertaining. In Latin Chic, Buia, with Gonzalez, present the perfect primer for entertaining with flair. They combine party tips, enticing recipes, and cultural history to create a guide that is stylishly practical and sassily informative. From decor and drinks, to the most delectable and savory dishes, Latin Chic offer a one-of-a-kind guide to entertaining that will give food enthusiasts a Latin twist to their get-togethers the likes of which will leave them the envy of all of their friends.

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Video: Latina Moms Cite Family’s Health as a Top Concern, Yet Time Pressures Are Their Number One Challenge, a New SPLENDA(R) Brand Survey Reveals