Familiar Voices and Faces from Mexico’s Heartland take U.S. Hispanic Viewers Home...

Familiar Voices and Faces from Mexico’s Heartland take U.S. Hispanic Viewers Home via MEXICANAL(R) on DIRECTV PARA TODOS(R)

Available only on DIRECTV, New Channel Offers Regional, Local News and Entertainment Programming from Towns, Cities, Regions Outside Mexico City


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El Segundo, CA–(HISPANIC
PR WIRE)–July 27, 2005–DIRECTV is bringing the heartland of Mexico home to viewers
in the United States.

DIRECTV, Inc., in association
with Castalia Communications and Cablecom, is providing exclusively for its
DIRECTV PARA TODOS(R) service customers, MEXICANAL, a new channel that will
enable Mexicans from regions outside Mexico City to watch their favorite television
programs from their hometowns, cities and regions of origin.

Recognizing the need for
local and regional programming among the vast majority of Mexicans in the United
States, who are from areas outside Mexico City, DIRECTV selected the best regional
and original programming from public broadcasters, independent producers and
local access stations from more than six regions across Mexico. The channel
will initially feature programming from Guanajuato, Jalisco, Estado de Mexico,
Nuevo Leon and San Luis Potosi, among others.

Local newscasts like “Impulso
informativo” from Jalisco, or the poignant stories told on “Me Voy
Pa’l Norte,” a popular TV program from Guanajuato about its people
who emigrated to the United States, will be a regular programming staple on
MEXICANAL, a general news and entertainment channel featuring the best programming
from Mexico’s heartland. The new channel will be available exclusively
to DIRECTV PARA TODOS customers in August.

“We believe Mexicanal
represents the most important channel to be added to the Hispanic television
landscape in the past five years,” said Mark Ryan, senior director, Marketing,
DIRECTV, Inc. “So much of the programming that Mexicans living in the U.S.
see is from networks that focus coverage on news and events from Mexico City,
leaving the 95 percent of Mexicans from areas outside the capitol city
un-served. We’re correcting the imbalance by introducing a rich tapestry of
regional programming that will not only inform viewers of the news and events
that happen in their town, city or region of origin, but also rekindle an emotional
connection for viewers who grew up with this programming.”

“Castalia’s commitment
to bringing the best programming available from Latin America and Europe into
the United States is clearly demonstrated in the creation of MEXICANAL,
a challenging and compelling channel targeting all Mexicans living in the
United States,” said Maria Urquiaga, senior vice president of Programming
and Productions, Castalia Communications. “MEXICANAL’s state-of-the-art
facility in Mexico is staffed by an accomplished team of Mexican professionals
who have enabled us to create a strong personality for the channel. MEXICANAL’s
on-air image reflects the passion and creativity of this team as well as the
audience they are dedicated to serve.”

Among the initial programmers
contributing to MEXICANAL are Canal 7 Guadalajara, Jalisco; TV4 Leon, Guanajuato;
Television Mexiquense Toluca, Estado de Mexico; TVNL Monterrey, Nuevo Leon and
Canal Universo, San Luis Potosi.

In addition to news programs
like 34-12 Noticias, Impulso informativo (C7 Jalisco), Informativo Nuevo León
(TVNL), TV4 Noticias (Guanajuato) and Universo informativo (San Luis Potosí),
the channel will also feature Sports: “Futbol de Casa;” Musicals:
“Tierra Grupera,” “Modular,” and “Adicción Visual;”
Magazines: “Te Levanta,” “Al Día;” Debates: “De
Frente” and “Sentidos;” Tourism: “Guia 34” and “De
Kiosko en Kiosko;” Childrens’ shows: “Así funciona”
and “Click Club;” Public Service Programs: “Esperando al Bebé;”
Documentaries: “Festividades” and Me Voy Pa’l Norte,” as
well as coverage of special cultural and sports events such as Mexican Pacific
League and Mexican Baseball League.

About DIRECTV, Inc.

DIRECTV is the nation’s
leading digital television service provider with 14.4 million customers. DIRECTV,
the Cyclone Design logo and DIRECTV PARA TODOS are registered trademarks of
DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV (NYSE: DTV), a world-leading provider of digital multichannel
television entertainment services, is approximately 34 percent owned by News
Corporation Ltd.


Launched in October 1999,
the DIRECTV PARA TODOS service offers the most comprehensive Spanish- and English-language
programming available at an affordable price. The service provides access to
more than 50 Spanish-language channels* including sports, movies, music, news
and educational networks and 210 English-language channels of DIRECTV(R) programming,
featuring the largest selection of pay per view choices and sports programming
available.  *Includes English-language broadcast channels with alternate
Spanish audio.

Castalia Communications
is an independent distributor and producer of cable and satellite channels internationally.
The company has offices in Atlanta, New York, Miami, Mexico City, Sao Paulo,
Brazil, Lima, Peru and Barcelona, Spain. Castalia offers a wide array of services,
including cable channel affiliate sales and marketing, advertising sales, new
business development, programming, production, acquisition and distribution.
Currently, the company’s clients include BBC World, Satelites Mexicanos
S.A. de CV (AlternaTV), TV Globo International, MGM Networks Latin America LLC,
German TV and Grupo Banderaintes.

About Cablecom

Cablecom is a Multiple System
Operator  (“MSO”) based in Mexico City serving 66 communities,
located in 13 states throughout Mexico. A leading cable operator, Cablecom is
the 4th largest cable provider in Mexico. The company is at the forefront of
technological innovations and currently provides customers with basic and premium
video services as well as data and Internet broadband access.

Mexicanal Programming Summary

Estado de México    
Televisión Mexiquense     Con nombre y apellidos
Personajes de barrio
34-14 Noticias
Te levanta
Semilla mexiquense
Mujeres que trabajan
Adicción visual
la mirandilla
Fútbol de casa
Click club
Así funciona
Raíces municipales

León           TVNL                     
Tu otro yo
Leyendas de Nuevo León
Clave 20
De frente
Informativo Nuevo León
Esto es… béisbol
Esperando al bebé
Hora dorada
Vida plena
Reportajes de Alvarado
Taller abierto
y hoy
Al día
Niños TV con Lili

C7 Jalisco               
DIF responde
kiosko en kiosco
Tiempo libre
Estrategias al cubo

TV4 Guanajuato           
Me voy pa’l norte
Veredas y caminos
Más allá del deporte
TV 4 Noticias

San Luis Potosí     
Universo informativo


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Jeff Pryor
(818) 338-3555

Familiar Voices and Faces from Mexico’s Heartland take U.S. Hispanic Viewers Home via MEXICANAL(R) on DIRECTV PARA TODOS(R)