WLEY 107.9 FM ‘La Ley’ Successfully Launches ‘El Chulo de la Mañana’...

WLEY 107.9 FM ‘La Ley’ Successfully Launches ‘El Chulo de la Mañana’ with la Bola

New Morning Show Hosted by Joaquín Garza Airs Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM


Chicago, IL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – PRNewswire)–February 8, 2008–Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. (SBS) (NASDAQ: SBSA) announced today that WLEY 107.9 FM La Ley in Chicago successfully launched its new morning show “El Chulo de la Mañana,” which is hosted by Joaquín “El Chulo” Garza. The launch was celebrated with a special breakfast reception hosted by “El Chulo” and Raul “Doña Mela” Bernal and on-air personality Denise Garcia. The show will air Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM to 10:00 AM.

Organized by SBS, the special breakfast event featured several guests of honor that included the 22nd Ward Alderman, Rick Muñoz, the Director of Community Affairs for the city of Cicero, Frank Aguilar, Federico Cogo and Angel Grajeda from CMN (Cardenas Marketing Network) and Alejandra Moran from the Illinois State Legislature. These special guests sat with the station’s executives and other on-air personalities in the DJ booth to witness first hand the debut of the show.

“On behalf of the Senator Emil Jones, the 14th District President of the Illinois State Senate, and his fellow senators that represent the Hispanic constituency, I bid welcome to El Chulo on WLEY 107.9 FM La Ley in Chicago,” said Alejandra Moran, Hispanic Spokesperson for the Illinois State Legislature Office of the Senate. “We are wishing the show nothing but the best and we are confident that the station will remain committed to serving the Hispanic community which contributes so much to the State of Illinois.”

“This morning show represents a great way for our listeners to start their day,” said Frank Aguilar, Director of Community Affairs for the city of Cicero. “We are very fortunate to have El Chulo and his team here on the air in the Chicago metropolitan area.”

Angel Grajeda from CMN (Cardenas Marketing Network) added: “You can feel the energy and buzz being transmitted by the show. The staff is truly what will help to make this show a success and the positive energy generated by the show gives listeners a creative alternative to their ordinary morning show. That energy is what will take this particular program to new heights and create the sensation that Chicago Latino listeners have been waiting for.”

Daniel Esquivel, the singer from the renowned regional Mexican band, Rieleros del Norte, expressed his satisfaction at being invited on the air, saying: “It pleases me to see that El Chulo y La Bola have arrived in the windy city to brighten up the mornings. They made a great name for themselves when they were on the air in Texas and I’m confident that they’ll do the same – both in Chicago and Illinois.”

“I’m impressed with the diversity of the program,” said Rick Muñoz, the 22nd Ward Alderman from Pilsen and Little Village – the oldest Hispanic neighborhoods in the city. “The callers today have all been from diverse Latin American countries, which means a great deal to our city.”

Don’t miss “El Chulo de la Mañana” with La Bola every Monday through Friday from 5:30 AM – 10:00 AM starting February 7 only on WLEY 107.9 FM La Ley – a Spanish Broadcasting System radio station in Chicago.

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WLEY 107.9 FM ‘La Ley’ Successfully Launches ‘El Chulo de la Mañana’ with la Bola