It’s Time for Hispanics to Become Wealthy

It’s Time for Hispanics to Become Wealthy

Renowned financial advisor Ruben Ruiz says ‘Hispanics have the freedom and the right to become millionaires’


San Marcos, TX–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–October 12, 2006–What’s the biggest roadblock most Hispanics face in the quest to become millionaires? You might guess the answer is discrimination. Or the cycle of poverty. Or a “playing field” that’s tilted in favor of the Anglos, who’ve been here longer and accumulated more resources and more power. But according to Ruben Ruiz, MSFS, ChFC, you’d be wrong. While all of these factors surely play a role in keeping Hispanic-Americans “down,” the biggest culprit is our own mindset.

“Hispanics our own worst enemies,” says Ruiz, author of the new book The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire Become Millionaires, (Wealth and Millionaire Publishing, 2005, ISBN: 0-9768199-0-2, $24.95). “We simply don’t believe we have the right to become millionaires. To change our financial destinies, we must first change our minds.”

“Here are the traditional ‘rules’ we are taught in childhood,” he says. “Rule Number 1: Get a high school diploma and then, hopefully, a college education. Rule Number 2: Raise a family. If you follow these two rules, you will have a happy life. But there is also a third rule, unarticulated but clearly understood by Hispanic children: only Anglo-Americans can become millionaires. We can have a good life, sure, but a great life—one of financial prosperity—just isn’t in the cards.”

Ruiz, himself a highly successful financial planner, wrote his book to challenge Hispanics to make up their minds that “good” isn’t good enough. “ The One-Hour Hispanic Millionaire” provides a blueprint for reinventing your lifestyle and bank account. It explains that by setting aside one hour a week to focus on your “Millionaire Goal” you can set in motion a chain of financial events that can change your life forever.

Woven throughout Ruiz’s book is the constant reminder that you can achieve only what you believe you can achieve. By adopting what he calls the “Millionaire Mindset,” you stand a good chance of joining the approximately less than 1 percent of Hispanic Americans who have already reached that financial milestone. A few of his tips on the subject:

— Constantly program your mind with wealth-building affirmations.

— Don’t let the negativity of friends and family distract you.

— Add financially successful people to your roster of friends.

— Don’t think “save.” Think “invest.”

— Develop your own financial curriculum for building wealth.

— Have your own Master-Mind Team of Advisors

“You will have to pursue a life that looks very different from the picture that was painted for you,” he says. “That’s a tough thing to do. It takes guts. You must always tell yourself that there are no real ethnic or cultural barriers to success, only those you create yourself or allow others to create for you. You are a Hispanic-American or Hispanic, Latino, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cubano, and you have the freedom to become a millionaire. There is no ‘cage’ around you. Find your wings and fly. Remember, the final discrimination fight will be with your own mindset.”

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It’s Time for Hispanics to Become Wealthy