‘Dare to Dream; The American Dream’, Already in Stores

‘Dare to Dream; The American Dream’, Already in Stores

A moving and inspirational story that talks straight to the heart


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–March 14, 2007–Even the most prominent philosophers say that the road to success in life is full of obstacles and adversity but often when the moment comes and we are called to face those obstacles we feel as if the world was falling apart around us. What to do? Where to gather the strength to keep on going? How to overcome our fear for the unknown? Questions like these and many more are answered by Eddie Vargas in his book “Dare to Dream; The American Dream”, a tale of courage and optimism.

“Dare to Dream; The American Dream” goes beyond the traditional books on psychotherapy, self -realization or advice, offering to the reader a pleasant story where tragic and comic events get combined. This is a real story which narrates experiences that leave us with a feeling of hope for our day to day fight.

Eddie Vargas’ life on its own is an example of perseverance. Since he was a teenager he decided to make “The American Dream” a reality and during all this time he faced several obstacles armed only with faith and honesty. Many years ago he lost thousands of dollars during a home purchase transaction. He didn’t have any success when he tried to recuperate that money, asking for assistance from attorneys, real estate agents and even the media. Revenge crossed his mind but after giving the issue careful thought he realized that ink is a much more powerful weapon and from there he got the inspiration to start writing.

As a father, the author of “Dare to Dream; The American Dream” is also a source of inspiration showing us how much he loves his daughter who was born as a special-needs child into a world that destroys all internal beauty on its quest for (exterior) perfection. Tireless, perseverant and optimistic he shows the reader that adversity, depression, anxiety, fear, deceit or poverty cannot kill “The American Dream” and that all of us have the right to make it happen.

The purpose of “Dare to Dream; The American Dream” is to help us face adversity with increased strength to answer to hatred with love, to stay hopeful in the face of misfortune and to face our duties with faith. This book has arrived to stay in the heart of anyone looking for an instructive, motivational and moving read.

This inspirational work by Eddie Vargas is available for purchase at http://www.atreveteasonar.com or at Barnes and Noble or Amazon websites.

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‘Dare to Dream; The American Dream’, Already in Stores