Yahoo! En Espanol Reveals the Most POPular Searches for February

Yahoo! En Espanol Reveals the Most POPular Searches for February


MIAMI, March 6 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Yahoo! En Espanol today announced its most popular Searches on Yahoo! Pop for the month ending February 28 ( ). An evolution of the company’s monthly Top Searches lists, Yahoo! Pop allows users to access the site and stay in touch with what’s hot and use it as a resource to search for and spot trends. Information on Yahoo! Pop is available and searchable by day, month and category.

The Most Popular Searches in Yahoo! Pop for February include:

Top 10 Overall Searches

1. Lindsay Lohan

2. Selena Gomez

3. Nadya Suleman


5. Carnaval de Brasil

6. Kate Winslet

7. Jessica Simpson

8. Maria Sharapova

9. Gaby Espino

10. Sofia Vergara

Constant buzz about Lindsey Lohan’s and Jessica Simpson’s weight and Selena Gomez’ love interests and missteps have kept users searching for more on these starlets. Nadya Suleman, the woman who gave birth to octuplets earlier this year, came in third on the Yahoo! Pop ranking. Reports of her six other children between the ages of 2 and 7 and the fact that she is not married and is unemployed also prompted headlines throughout the month and served to captivate Yahoo! users who continued to search for news and videos of her. In addition, searches for Kate Winslet, winner of the Golden Globe and Oscar for best actress, piqued last month especially as the Academy Awards ceremony approached. Other Pop darlings last month included tennis pro Maria Sharapova and Colombian model and actress Sofia Vergara. Also, the world renowned Carnaval de Brasil and “OVNIS,” or UFO’s, rounded up the list for February.

In addition to the most popular overall topics, Yahoo! Pop also reveals the Top Ten Searches in six other categories: entertainment, music, technology, celebrities, news and sports. During the month of February, Venezuelan singer Ricardo Montaner was among the top three most searched topics in the entertainment and music categories as his new CD, “Las cosas son como son,” debuted last month. Kate Winslet and Jennifer Aniston were among the most-searched celebrities in February, possibly due to the fact that Winslet was an Oscar-nominee favorite and Aniston was set to present at the Academy Awards as her ex-husband Brad Pitt and new love Angelina Jolie sat in the first row. Searches for the WWE, MLB and Chivas de Guadalajara were among the most popular in the sports category.

Updated daily, Yahoo! Pop search results showcase the diverse interests and concerns of U.S. Hispanics around the net, from gorgeous celebrity sightings and salacious political news to funny jokes and the latest consumer obsessions. To come up with the Yahoo! Pop Top 10 list, Yahoo! created a unique algorithm which scans anonymous query logs from Yahoo! Search across a variety of categories to see what themes and trends bubble up to the surface. Individual searches are never used to develop these lists.

Every day millions of people visit Yahoo! to search for news, hobbies, curiosities and all types of information. By putting of all of the searches together, the site displays the topics that are of most interest to people. To view the most popular searches of the day, click on ‘Pop’ on the Yahoo! En Espanol front page or visit: .

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Yahoo! En Espanol Reveals the Most POPular Searches for February