Yahoo! Launches Avatars in Spanish

Yahoo! Launches Avatars in Spanish

U.S. Hispanics are now able to customize their cyber personas en Español


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE – PRNewswire)–March 10, 2008–Yahoo! today launched the Spanish-language version of Avatars called Avatares (, making this popular community available to the millions of Spanish-speaking Yahoo! users in Latin America and the U.S. These graphical and customizable characters allow users to create, animate and personalize their cyber personas, from changing their face and hairstyle to glamorizing their outfits and inserting them in exotic backdrops.

With millions of members around the world, Avatars is already a favorite among Spanish-speaking users within and outside the United States, and this new Spanish version will allow them to further engage and explore the Avatar community in their language of preference.

With Avatares, there’s no such thing as “I have nothing to wear.” Not only can users choose from several Yahoo! personality incarnations, from hairstyle to moods, but they can also dress up their Avatar (Avatares character) from head to toe with countless choices of outfits and accessories. In just a few clicks users can put any celebrity closet to shame!

Categories include:

— Appearance: Includes skin color, face and eyes, and hairstyle. Users can pick their eye and hair colors to match their own or go for a new look.

— Mood: Setting lets others know whether users are happy, excited, sad, angry or feeling special. The Avatar’s facial expression showcases the person’s mood.

— Apparel: Users can try on full outfits or opt for different tops and bottoms. They can mix and match to get the look of the day or dress up for that special occasion.

— Extras: Provides an endless array of accessories from sunglasses to stunning jewelry. It also allows users to share personal interests by adding gear that relates to their favorite sports and hobbies – like hats, backpacks, bikes, and snowboards – or show off their love of animals by adding dogs, cats and even an iguana.

— Backgrounds: Users can opt for a snowy wonderland, a red hot day at the beach, or a wild nightclub scene, among many others.

— Branded: Avatars can wear new gear from Yahoo! and its partners. Some of these items are seasonal and may only be available for a limited time.

— My Favorites: Allows users to save various Avatar personas or individual items so that they can easily find and use them later.

“We know that online users, teens in particular, are obsessed with self-expression and personalization,” said Jose Rivera Font, general manager, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. “Being able to customize their own cyber-self with physical characteristics, clothing, accessories and backgrounds allows users to express themselves — hobbies, mood and all — as they want to be seen by their community of family and friends online.”

Other Avatares services include: Avatares Postcards, where users can show off their avatar to friends and invite them to get their own Avatar; and Avatares Export, which allows users to use their Avatar in messenger services, web pages, blogs, email, mobile phones and more.

For further information on the new Spanish-language version Avatares or to create your own, visit

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Yahoo! Launches Avatars in Spanish