Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas Leverages Online Hispanic Community to Answer Everyday Questions

Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas Leverages Online Hispanic Community to Answer Everyday Questions

New Product Kicks-off in Times Square with Unique Gathering of Celebrity Guests and “Braniacs” Inside the World’s Biggest Brain


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–June 13, 2006–Yahoo! Telemundo today announced the launch of its newest product Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas, (, an online community where Hispanics across the U.S. can ask each other questions on any topic, and obtain answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences. Relevant questions and answers will be returned for Yahoo! Telemundo Search queries, making results more comprehensive and useful. The Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas launch coincides with Yahoo!’s Ask the Planet 2006 campaign kick-off taking place inside a giant brain in Times Square from June 13-15.

The gigantic purple brain, complete with firing synapses and lobes, will feature a giant two-level brain terrarium and will sit atop the world famous marquee of the Hard Rock Café, overlooking Times Square. Over the course of three days the brain will play host to 22 “Brainiacs,” comprised of selected active Yahoo! Answers users and celebrities. Hispanic celebrities including Telemundo’s Monica Noguera, Mauricio Ochmann, Erick Elias, Ana Maria Polo and Jorge Ramos will be on hand on June 13 to ask and answer questions. Other special celebrity guest appearances will include world- renowned leader in the field of mind body medicine Deepak Chopra, M.D., nationally- syndicated political columnist Arianna Huffington and comedian extraordinaire Orny Adams, among others.

“Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas is the next generation of Search and its development demonstrates our vision to enrich people’s lives by enabling them to find, use, share and expand all human knowledge,” said Jose Rivera Font, general manager, Yahoo! North Latin America. “Yahoo! Telemundo is providing a better search experience by making it easier for people to tap into the collective knowledge of others online for everyday questions.”

Yahoo! Telemundo users can now search the Web and view relevant information from Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas in their search results and via a Yahoo! Shortcut. For example, searching “What’s the best dog for an apartment?” will result in several links to resolved questions from Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas on the same topic. Search “Advice on Canon camera” and below the search results, users will find a Yahoo! Shortcut with a link to all search results in Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas on Canon cameras and links to several resolved questions.

“This new user-generated content takes online engagement to the next level, strengthening the users’ overall experience.” said Peter Blacker, Senior Vice President Digital Media at Telemundo. “Respuestas will allow users to build communities and insights around Telemundo’s programming and its celebrities, getting them more engaged with the latest sports events and the hottest novelas on TV.

To encourage participation, Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas has a system of points and levels. The number of points users are awarded for posting questions, posting answers or rating others’ answers depends on their participation level. Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas users who are regularly voted as providing the “best answer” can build a reputation within the community as a source valued by other users. As a user attains higher point levels, they can ask, answer, vote, and rate more frequently.

Other key features to Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas include:

— Search Ahead: When users type in their question, Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas searches ahead by keyword/question phrasing and displays exact or similar questions just below. Users can view those questions to see if they have already found their answer before posting their question.

— Category Top Answerers: When users click into a Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas top-level category, they see the category’s “top answerer,” or user with the most “best answers” in that category. They can also click the “top 10 answerers” link to see the top ten people with the most “best answers”.

— RSS feeds: Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas users can display the latest questions in a category, subcategory, even the entire site, as well as keep track of their favorite questions on their My Yahoo! page.

— Yahoo! Product Integration: Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas is integrated with other leading Yahoo! products, including My Yahoo!, Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger to allow users to connect and share real life experiences and advice with others that share similar interests.

Other product features coming soon include a new ratings and reputation system that will reward high-quality questions and answers. Users will be able to rate all questions and answers, and these ratings will be used to identify the best content, as well as recognize users who consistently post quality content.

About Yahoo! Telemundo

Yahoo! Telemundo is a leading online media and services community for Hispanic consumers in the U.S. The venture between Yahoo! and Telemundo combines the strengths of Yahoo!’s technology and global reach with Telemundo’s original content and marketing capabilities to help businesses interact with this community.

Yahoo! Telemundo Respuestas Leverages Online Hispanic Community to Answer Everyday Questions