Yahoo! Telemundo Reveals BUZZ-worthy Searches for May, Highlights Top 10 Searches in Three...

Yahoo! Telemundo Reveals BUZZ-worthy Searches for May, Highlights Top 10 Searches in Three Popular Search Categories


MIAMI, June 5, 2008 – Yahoo! Telemundo today announced its Top 10 Searches for the month ending May 31 ( ), which include the Top 10 in overall searches, image searches, as well as the most searched for Women for the month of May, as established by the millions of Yahoo! Telemundo users.

Top Trends in Search for May include:

Top 10 Overall Searches

1. Tattoos

2. Dog breeds

3. Medicinal plants

4. How to clean a keyboard

5. Luis Miguel

6. Vicente Fernandez

7. International Day Against Homophobia

8. Chaitén volcano

9. Marilyn Monroe

10. Premature ejaculation

An eclectic mix of people, places and things dominated The Top 10 list of the most searched for on Yahoo! Telemundo with tattoos, dog breeds and medical plants earning the top three spots in May. Two of Mexico’s most famous singers were next on the list –Mexican megastar crooner Luis Miguel released his latest and much anticipated album “Cómplices,” earning him the number five slot on the Top Searches list. Cómplices became Miguel’s eighth No. 1 album and the most of any artist in Top Latin Albums chart’s history. The 38-year-old heartthrob is also reportedly separating from the mother of his one-year old child, Mexican actress Aracely Arambula. Legendary Vicente Fernandez, hailed as “el rey” of mariachi, can still sell tickets. In May, 68-year-old Vicente toured the U.S. to sold out crowds; no surprise that during Fernandez’s 40-year career, he has recorded close to 100 albums and starred in more than 20 Mexican films.

International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO), observed on May 17, marked the anniversary of an important step taken by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991 when it removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. Unfortunately, prejudice remains deep-rooted, so IDAHO has now become an annual global campaign to rally people against all forms of homophobia, with events taking place from Turkey to Cuba in order to combat and eliminate the tragic consequences of homophobia. The Chaitén volcano in the southern Andes in Chile had been quiet for nearly 10,000 years before it suddenly erupted on May 2. The town of Chaitén was evacuated, and a column of ashes was released into the atmosphere. Smaller eruptions have followed daily, interrupting flights and adversely affecting agriculture and wildlife. Now experts warn that another, bigger explosion is possible and the area might become permanently unlivable because of the possibility of the volcano’s collapse.

Although she died in 1962, Marilyn Monroe has never ceased to be buzz worthy. This past month, a New York businessman claimed to have copy of a film allegedly held by the FBI, with Monroe allegedly engaged in a sex act with a man whose face could not be seen. Of course it ended up a hoax, but the buzz on the web had reached the point where the FBI issued its denial. The iconic sex symbol would have turned 82 on June 1st.

Rounding off the Top 10 — On May 19th The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) formally unveiled a written definition for “premature ejaculation”, or PE – the bane of millions of men worldwide – at the 103rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA).

Top 10 Image Searches

1. Screen savers

2. Naruto

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

5. Mafalda

6. Miley Cyrus

7. Hello Kitty

8. Ovnis

9. Anime

10. Iron man

Screensavers nabbed the number one slot again for the most searched image category in May, but overall, pop-culture figures and cartoons ruled this category with Naruto and anime hanging on strong. The popular Japanese anime character, Naruto, has become a global phenomenon with kids the world over. Not to be outdone, the iconic Latin American comic strip heroine “Mafalda” also earned a top spot in images as a “Mafalda” exhibit opened its doors in Tokyo last month to rave reviews. And to round out the Japanese anime theme of Yahoo! Top images — beloved Hello Kitty, who was number 7 on this month’s image search — was named a goodwill envoy to represent Japan in China and Hong Kong. Sticking to the pop-culture theme for May, UFO photos were heavily sought after, as well as images of the blockbuster film “Iron Man,” based on the retro Marvel comic.

Recent photos of two Hollywood beauties, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Miley Cyrus, caused a stir this month. Love Hewitt’s curvy beach body was the subject of recent paparazzi scrutiny for being called “fat.” Teen sensation Cyrus came close to quitting show business following the fuss surrounding her provocative Vanity Fair photos. Her wholesome image has come under fire since the photos were released this past month.

Top 10 WomenSearches

1. Jessica Alba

2. Jennifer Lopez

3. Aracely Arambula

4. Megan Fox

5. Kate Moss

6. Maria Sharapova

7. Katie Holmes

8. Naomi Watts

9. Valeria Mazza

10. Fergie

The most searched for Women on Yahoo! Telemundo for the month of May were gorgeous celebrities such as new moms, Jessica Alba and Argentine supermodel Valeria Mazza. Luis Miguel’s soon-to-be ex, Aracely Arambula was the No. 3 most searched for, followed by super-babe Megan Fox of Transformers fame, who was recently voted as the number one sexiest woman in the world by readers of FHM magazine. British mega-model Kate Moss, tennis champ Maria Sharapova, Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts and Mrs. Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes– were all popular faces to search for this month as was three-time Grammy Award winner pop-star Fergie, who performs the theme song to the new “Sex and the City” movie.

Every month the Yahoo! Telemundo Top 10 Searches showcases the diverse interests and concerns of U.S. Hispanics around the net, from gorgeous celebrity sightings and salacious political news to funny jokes and the latest consumer obsessions. The monthly list includes a recap of the Top 10 Overall Searches, Top 10 Image Searches and Top 10 Searches in a revolving category, which changes monthly. To come up with the Yahoo! Top Searches list, Yahoo! scans anonymous query logs from Yahoo! Search across a variety of categories to see what themes and trends bubble up to the surface. Individual searches are never used to develop these lists. For more information on Yahoo! Telemundo’s Top 10 Searches, visit

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Yahoo! Telemundo Reveals BUZZ-worthy Searches for May, Highlights Top 10 Searches in Three Popular Search Categories