Shop in the US from Anywhere in Latin America with YupiMSN Concierge


Miami, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–November 19, 2002–YupiMSN, a leading Spanish-language Internet network and a TELMEX and Microsoft company, announced today its most recent product introduction, YupiMSN Concierge, a cost-effective new shopping alternative that allows consumers to send packages to Latin America reliably and cost-efficiently just in time for the holiday shopping season. Trans-Express, a twenty-one-year veteran of international e-commerce is providing the back-end infrastructure for the shipping and delivery of packages.

YupiMSN Concierge provides YupiMSN users with a personal address in the United States where mail, catalogs, magazines and/or packages can be sent. Deliveries are then bulk-shipped to the YupiMSN Concierge subscriber’s country where they are delivered directly to the subscriber’s home or business address. There are two levels of service available: Basic & Deluxe.

— Basic: A free service that gives users access to international e-commerce by providing a permanent address in the U.S. where orders are received and shipped to their respective countries. Cost: Free, plus shipping charges

— Deluxe: Gives the user an added advantage of having a USPS (P.O. Box) postal address in addition to a street address, COD service and early notification of merchandise or shipping specials. Deluxe is the closest thing to actually living and shopping in the U.S. Cost: US$29.99 per year, plus shipping charges

“The launch of YupiMSN Concierge is another step in the direction of diversifying and enriching YupiMSN’s offerings as well as enabling U.S. merchants to compete in the global economy,” stated Oscar Coën, President of YupiMSN. “YupiMSN Concierge is a secure solution to two of the most pressing issues in international e-commerce: accessibility to U.S. products by foreign consumers and international direct shipments to end-users” he concluded.

YupiMSN Concierge responds to both consumer and retailer needs. Historically, shopping and then sending packages to Latin America on a convenient and cost-efficient basis has been a challenge. With YupiMSN Concierge, retailers can immediately increase their customer and revenue base, and consumers can shop and receive the items they want reliably and inexpensively. U. S. merchants of any size can become global players with one simple link: YupiMSN Concierge.

With YupiMSN Concierge, the customer can shop from any US web site or catalog – regardless of the merchant’s international shipping capabilities – and have the products delivered daily to their homes or offices. Trans-Express even clears the goods through the local customs office. The service is as efficient as traditional courier companies are, BUT at a fraction of their cost. For small businesses and individual consumers alike, YupiMSN Concierge facilitates the procurement of U.S. products by having the goods shipped to a U.S. address in lieu of an international address, thus saving on international shipping costs. YupiMSN Concierge affords businesses a competitive advantage by allowing them to procure products directly from the source, saving even more money.

“YupiMSN Concierge makes the global economy accessible to foreign buyers,” said Jaime Basagoitia, General Manager, Trans-Express, Inc. “With YupiMSN Concierge there is no weight or size limit, which means that buyers can shop for anything from a CD to an SUV, from a laptop to lingerie, all from the most prestigious stores in the U. S. and have the goods delivered to their home or office overseas,” he concluded.

In addition, YupiMSN Concierge offers a number of features to increase the level of customer satisfaction, such as local customer service and local hours of operation, access to a “toll-free” telephone system in the U.S. to place orders over the phone, COD delivery, on-line tracking and tracing and e-mail messaging.

Step-by-step YupiMSN Concierge process

1. Users register on YupiMSN Concierge receiving a pin number notification and a confirmation of their U.S. address.

2. YupiMSN Concierge Customers begin shopping online; via catalog, web or phone, order, pay with credit card and have the items shipped to their U.S. YupiMSN Concierge address.

3. U.S. merchants ship the goods to the YupiMSN Concierge Customer’s U.S. address via their traditional carriers (USPS, UPS or FEDEX), from where they are forwarded to the Customer’s overseas address on record.

4. Local logistics agent clears shipments through customs and makes delivery.

5. Customer signs voucher (proof-of-receipt) and delivery cost is then charged to the Customer’s credit card, avoiding chances for charge backs and fraud.

6. YupiMSN Concierge Customer pays for custom duties and taxes at time of delivery.

About YupiMSN

Founded in 1996, and acquired by the TELMEX and Microsoft joint venture, T1msn, in 2001, YupiMSN is a leading network of Spanish-language sites that responds to the great need for easy-to-use and relevant offerings on the Web in Spanish. YupiMSN enables its large and loyal audience of Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States and Latin America to take full advantage of all the benefits the Web has to offer. The YupiMSN network provides marketers with unique and innovative opportunities to effectively reach their target audiences. Within its flagship portal site, YupiMSN features best-of-breed content and services such as MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger Service and MSN Search as well as popular communities such as CiudadFutura.com, http://www.ciudadfutura.com/, considered to be the first Spanish-language online community and MujerFutura.com, http://www.mujerfutura.com/, a specialized site catering to the interests and needs of Spanish-speaking women. More information can be found at http://www.yupimsn.com/

About Trans-Express

Trans-Express is a twenty-one-year U.S. based Logistics and Transportation Company with its headquarters and distribution center in Miami, Florida. It is the leading company in International P.O. Box service. The International P.O. Box service provides a foreign individual or company access to a permanent U.S. address to use as his or her own. The logistics and pricing strategy is designed to facilitate the procurement of US products from Internet stores and catalogs even when the merchants do not normally ship overseas. Trans-Express, Inc serves consumers in over 80 countries worldwide as well as leading international and FORTUNE 500 companies.




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