YupiMSN Launches MSN Messenger 6.0 en Español

YupiMSN Launches MSN Messenger 6.0 en Español

MSN Messenger 6 Brings Spanish-speaking IM Lovers in the US and Latin America, Unique Ways to Personalize, Share and Connect


Miami Beach, FL–(HISPANIC PR WIRE)–Aug. 28, 2003–YupiMSN, part of the MSN® global network of Internet sites that delivers Spanish-language content and services to the United States and Latin America, announces today the broad distribution of the final version of Messenger 6.0 at http://messenger.yupimsn.com. Consumers now have access to the new and improved features of MSN® Messenger 6.0 — everything from live video pictures and online games to customized backgrounds and oodles of new and animated emoticons — and immediately upgrade to the newest version of the world’s most-used free instant messaging (IM) service. Messenger 6.0 offers the following:

— More than 60 new emoticons, including ones that come alive with animation, and the ability to make personal emoticons

— Many new background images and personal display pictures for the IM screen that allow users to exhibit their personality

— Launch Site interactive features that allow users to easily share photos and other files while playing live, online games such as Tic Tac Toe and “Minesweeper Flags”

— The ability to send and receive files and photos

— An integrated, easy-to-use web cam service, powered by Logitech Inc., to share live video pictures and voice with other users

— One-click convenience when saving favorite IM conversations to a personal hard drive

— Integration with more devices, allowing users to send and receive text messages over a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), receive messages on an MSN Direct watch, or send handwritten “inked” messages from Tablet PCs

“With Messenger 6.0, IM in Spanish has changed forever,” Jimenez said. “Consumers can truly make their IM experience their own and extend that experience in so many new and different ways. MSN Messenger 6 lets everyone create their own digital personality and play in a virtual playground with friends from around the block or around the world,” said Tania Jimenez, Programming Manager, YupiMSN. “Users told us they wanted a place to gather and have fun online, and we’ve delivered a hallmark example of MSN’s commitment to delivering the best communication services for consumers in the Hispanic US and Latin American markets.”

Designing a Digital Self with MSN Messenger 6

IM lovers who are tired of generic interfaces and a lack of personalization features can let their individuality run wild with MSN Messenger 6. More than 60 new emoticons allow users to express their feelings graphically and, for the first time, through animated images, including a birthday cake with flickering candles, a happy face with a blinking eye, and a sad face that scrunches its eyes and cries droplets of tears. MSN Messenger also lets users take their IM experience to the next level by easily creating their own emoticons with any image they can create or upload. MSN Messenger 6 also offers innovative features that allow users to do the following:

— Choose a personalized background from a wealth of options such as cartoons, sports or international locations, create their own background from favorite photos or logos, and share favorite background themes with IM contacts

— Select customized display pictures of their favorite pet, celebrities, or other pictures to represent themselves to contacts

— Choose from more than 150 types of fonts and 16 colors of type to represent their personal style

Save favorite IM conversations to a personal hard drive with just one click via message logging1

A new MSN community site, http://messenger.yupimsn.com, provides access to an online library of new Messenger 6.0 images and tools, with nearly 90 new emoticons, more than 30 backgrounds and more than 110 personal display pictures. The backgrounds and display pictures are grouped in themes, including sci-fi, sports, ’60s and ’70 s, wildlife, and fashion.

Sharing and Sharing Alike Through Instant Games and File Sharing

MSN Messenger 6 offers an innovative new service called Launch Site that lets users share more than verbal quips, LOLs and TTYLs. Launch Site offers interactive features that let users easily share their photos and other files, and play fast-paced games such as Solitaire Showdown, Bejewelled or Minesweeper Flags on a gaming window next to the IM interface. Other activity-oriented features include the Decision Wheel, which lets users spin a wheel with a contact to answer important questions, such as what movie to see on the weekend. The site will be updated when new games and activities are available.

Other sharing features and improvements enable users to do the following:

— Share files easier and faster through many firewalls and network configurations

— Preview thumbnails of images and pictures in the conversation window before deciding if they want to download the full image

Taking IM to the Next Level with Live Video

When typed words and emoticons just are not enough, MSN Messenger 6 lets users send live video of them and view live video of their contacts during IM conversations. The integrated web cam feature, powered by Logitech, is available to all MSN Messenger users with a web cam and works even if only one contact has a web cam so the other person can still see the video they are sending. Above all – it is easy to find and set up through the “Web cam” button on the toolbar.

MSN Messenger 6 provides customers with increased communication and safety options:

— They can send and receive text messages over a cell phone or personal digital assistant or receive messages on an MSN Direct watch.2

— Users can send handwritten “inked” messages from a Tablet PC to any other contact that is using MSN Messenger 6.

— They can block spam and help protect young users with MSN 8 parental controls.3

This version of MSN Messenger 6 is available in 26 languages ranging from Spanish to Turkish. MSN Messenger 6 is primed to become the biggest, most popular release ever, judging from early consumer excitement and the growing popularity of MSN Messenger. In addition, the IM service has experienced dramatic growth in the last year, surpassing the milestone of 100 million active users globally.

About YupiMSN

As part of the MSN global Internet network, YupiMSN provides Spanish-language content and services to more than 20 million users per month across the Americas. YupiMSN is committed to delivering the most useful and innovative online services today, bringing consumers everything they need from the Web to make the most of their time online. YupiMSN offers a portfolio of Spanish-language communications tools such as MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger Service, as well as the latest news and information on world events, entertainment, sports over more than 15 content channels. YupiMSN is a Microsoft and TELMEX company and is headquartered in Miami. YupiMSN is located at http://www.yupimsn.com/.

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YupiMSN Launches MSN Messenger 6.0 en Español