100 Voices around the world demand the immediate release of Jose Daniel...

100 Voices around the world demand the immediate release of Jose Daniel Ferrer who is completing 100 days of unjust imprisonment in Cuba.

The promoters of the Cuba Decide platform have called for a massive campaign on social networks that today became a call to action for national parliaments of the world's democracies to demand that the Cuban regime immediately release José Daniel Ferrer.


HAVANA, Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ —

Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro; MEPs Hermann Tertsch and Leopoldo López Gil, the United States Congressman, Mario Diaz-Balart; the former congressman, Lincoln Diaz-Balart, the Colombian Senator, Paola Holguín; the activist, Rosa María Payá and several young activists and religious leaders of the Island and Latin America are among the 100 faces of the campaign.



Through the 100 days 100 voices campaign, the promoters of Cuba Decide around the world denounce the arbitrary imprisonment of José Daniel Ferrer by publishing 100 photographs of citizens who, in Cuba and around the world, demand the liberation of the Cuban opposition leader after 100 days of unjust imprisonment.


In this context, the platform today renews its call to all people of good will in the world to join the call for the immediate release of Jose Daniel Ferrer and the other 3 activists detained with him. The platform further requests that representatives in the national parliaments of each country show their solidarity by approving resolutions demanding their immediate release.


Activists, artists, senators, MEPs, youth from several countries of the Americas, and citizens in general have joined the 100 days 100 voices campaign. All people, from anywhere in the world can show solidarity by publishing their photo on social networks using the #FreeFerrer tag.


José Daniel Ferrer is the national coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) and one of the main promoters of the Cuba Decide citizen initiative on the Island.


On October 1, 2019, state security and police officers from the Cuban regime assaulted and raided Ferrer’s home. In the act, he was violently detained along with three other activists: José Pupo Chaveco, Fernando González VaiIlant and Roilán Zárraga Ferrer. The four have been subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment and remain in prison with the threat of prosecution for fabricated crimes.




To download the letter and send it to your Senator or Representative in the United States, click here


To download the letter and send it to your government representative (outside the United States) click here



About Cuba Decide
Cuba Decide is a citizen initiative to change the political and economic system in Cuba provoking a peaceful transition process towards democracy.

Generate the pressure necessary to force the regime to submit to the will of the people through coordinated non-violent action of the citizens and the international community.
Convert thousands of Cubans into agents of change through a platform that informs, involves, and mobilizes citizens on the Island.

Cubans must be free to decide their future.
To make the change, Cuba Decide proposes that the will of Cubans be expressed and complied with through a binding plebiscite in Cuba ―a direct vote of the people― to answer the following question:

Are you in agreement with the convening of free, fair and plural elections exercising freedom of expression and of the press, and organizing freely in political parties and social organizations with total plurality?

Yes or No?

A tremendous mobilization effort is under way!
Learn more and join our movement at cubadecide.org.
Be part of our conversations on Facebook.com/CubaDecide and on Twitter and Instagram by following the user @CubaDecide and using the #CubaDecide tag

FDP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which promotes the Cuba Decide platform alongside thousands of Cubans.

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100 Voices around the world demand the immediate release of Jose Daniel Ferrer who is completing 100 days of unjust imprisonment in Cuba.