AmazonCrossing Launches “Estados Unidos de Banana”, Puerto Rican Novel Foresees Debt Crisis

AmazonCrossing Launches “Estados Unidos de Banana”, Puerto Rican Novel Foresees Debt Crisis


NEW YORK, April 27, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — A debt crisis is a catalyst for Puerto Rico’s independence and the disintegration of American states in “Estados Unidos de Banana,” a dramatic novel by Giannina Braschi.  The book is available for the first time in Spanish in print and kindle through AmazonCrossing en Español.

A Puerto Rican debt crisis is a catalyst for the disintegration of the American empire in United States of Banana. The postcolonial dramatic novel by Puerto Rican author Giannina Braschi depicts the secession of American states and territories, starting with Puerto Rico's declaration of independence. The works is now available in Spanish translation by Manolo Broncano through AmazonCrossing en Espanol.

“The United States of America will become the United States of Banana. And Puerto Rico will be the first half-and-half banana republic state incorporated that will secede from the union. Then will come Liberty Island, then Mississippi Burning, Texas BBQ, Kentucky Fried Chicken—all of them—New York Yankees, Jersey Devils—you name it—will want to break apart—and demand a separation—a divorce. Things will not go well for the banana republic when the shackles and chains of democracy break loose and unleash the dogs of war. Separation—divorce—disintegration of subject matters that don’t matter anymore—only verbs—actions. Americans will walk like chickens with their heads cut off,” writes Giannina Braschi

Originally written in English, “United States of Banana” has become a staple of post 911 literature in universities since the book debuted in English in 2011 and has inspired artists of various mediums.  The mixed-genre work was produced as a theater play by Columbia University, a series of short art films, and is forth coming as a comic book.  The work parodies the shifting dynamics between the United States, Spain, Latin America, and the Caribbean, with a nod to the rising economic influences of China. Associated Press called United States of Banana a work of unlimited imagination.  

Braschi is “one of the most revolutionary voices in Latin American Literature today” according to PEN American Center. She is a fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts.  She writes in Spanish, Spanglish, and English to express the cultural journey of millions of Hispanic immigrants in the US and to dramatize the three options of her native Puerto Rico: nation, colony, or statehood. She is the author of the epic poem El imperio de los sueños and the Spanglish classic novel Yo-Yo Boing!

The Spanish translation by Manuel Broncano is on sale now at

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AmazonCrossing Launches “Estados Unidos de Banana”, Puerto Rican Novel Foresees Debt Crisis