Antonio Villaraigosa Launches ‘Building Bridges, Not Walls’ Committee

Antonio Villaraigosa Launches ‘Building Bridges, Not Walls’ Committee


Voter Activation Effort Will Empower Californians to Engage in Electoral Process Around the Nation

LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Former Los Angeles Mayor and Speaker of the California State Assembly Antonio Villaraigosa today announced the launch of a new voter activation committee designed to empower Californians to engage in the national political process in advance of the November 2016 General Election. ‘Building Bridges, Not Walls’ is a federal political action committee (PAC) that will specifically harness the compassion and power of Californians to combat the anti-immigrant policies that will no doubt be included in the national Republican Party platform and be exploited by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Building Bridges, Not Walls is a unique committee in that, in addition to encouraging Californians to register and turn out to vote, it will activate them – providing them with the tools and motivation needed to take an active role in the political process outside of California, particularly in swing states. Through Building Bridges, Not Walls, Californians will be able to reach out to immigrant voters in swing states and encourage them to participate in the November election.

“Building Bridges, Not Walls is about Californians rising to the occasion and fighting for candidates and policies that will move America forward,” Villaraigosa said. “Californians want to step up and respond in every way possible to protect our families, friends and neighbors from the threat of Donald Trump’s scapegoating anti-immigrant politics. I am proud that the people of California are so generous in their giving to campaigns and causes, but we have more to offer than just our pocket books. We have the power of passionate people who will engage on a person-to-person level to mobilize and turnout people to vote.”

Building Bridges, Not Walls was founded by Villaraigosa, and will be run by a veteran campaign team. The campaign will begin by targeting voters in Arizona, Florida, Nevada and Colorado, but will direct its efforts towards wherever it is needed to stop Trump.

Villaraigosa added, “Building Bridges, Not Walls is about standing up and saying, ‘Enough!’ We will help mobilize the passion we see in Californians who say ‘No!’ to Trump and direct it – through calls, texts and emails – towards swing states where it matters most.”

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Antonio Villaraigosa Launches ‘Building Bridges, Not Walls’ Committee