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New US Professional Soccer League Kicks Off!

New US Professional Soccer League Kicks Off!


New US Professional Soccer League Kicks Off!

FUSA is the nation’s first Hispanic/Latino centric professional soccer league.

LAS VEGAS, March 4, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — FutbolUSA, Inc. announced today that it is launching a 32 team, two division, top-tier professional soccer league, with an inaugural season set to start in September of this year. FUSA will begin selling 16 Liga Primera (Division 1) and 16 Liga Nacional (Division 2) teams in 16 cities in Texas, California, and the Southwest.  Over 700 players will be recruited at four regional combines/tryouts that will be held in June 2015.

FUSA will not be recruiting players directly from colleges, universities, or other professional leagues. FUSA will instead recruit players from the ranks of the hundreds of thousands of predominantly Hispanic and Latino amateur players that crowd soccer fields across the US each weekend.

FUSA recognizes that a number of barriers have hindered the ability of top Hispanic and Latino amateur players to make it into the professional soccer pipeline in the US. “The language barrier, registration costs, the US youth soccer pay to play model, and professional recruitment almost exclusively from colleges are the main factors that keep some of the best Hispanic and Latino players from playing professional soccer,” said Miguel Perez, Director of Futbol Operations.  “While FUSA is an unprecedented opportunity for amateur Hispanic and Latino players to turn pro and get paid to play the sport they love, FUSA is also open to players of all races, ethnicities, language preferences and national origin.”

“FUSA will be a Hispanic and Latino community resource infused with cultural pride that provides homegrown entertainment and opportunity,” said Perez.  According to Perez, the FUSA opportunity “extends to players, coaches and staff, team owners, and sponsors and advertisers who seek to build a meaningful grassroots relationship with the US Spanish language community.”

FutbolUSA, Inc. has a 10 year plan to become the number one professional soccer platform in the US and to be one of the country’s most valuable sports properties.  “As FUSA grows over the next decade, we are looking at exponential valuation growth for our team owners,” said Michael Mauriello, President of FutbolUSA, Inc.  “The sports team comps are there, the brand is exceptional, the market is ripe, and the timing is perfect for FUSA team owners to create substantial financial value by combining their capital, their business skills, and their desire to win.”

For additional information visit www.futbolusa.com.

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New US Professional Soccer League Kicks Off!