Back To School Doesn’t Have To Mean Back To Head Lice For...

Back To School Doesn’t Have To Mean Back To Head Lice For Children

Non-Toxic Vamousse is a Breakthrough in Lice Defense


Back To School Doesn’t Have To Mean Back To Head Lice For Children

Non-Toxic Vamousse is a Breakthrough in Lice Defense

MORRISVILLE, North Carolina, Aug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Sending children back to school can mean the unpleasant possibility of coming in contact with head lice. Lice infestation is the second most frequent health issue for school-age kids in the U.S., each year affecting more than 12 million children between the ages of 3 and 11, second only to the common cold according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Children miss valuable class time if they’re out while treating head lice, so schools have begun to eliminate “no nit” policies that bar children previously infested from returning to school unless proven free of lice and nits (eggs). The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses both support the end of “no nit” policies, citing that nits remaining in the hair after treatment are often empty casings or dead eggs, and that head lice, while disturbing and distressing, are essentially harmless rather than a public health concern.

These policy changes have fueled conversation and concern among parents. The good news is that advanced scientific research has produced innovative, safe and reliable solutions to defend children against head lice and provide parents with much-needed peace of mind.

Jason Schmidt, M.S., an accomplished entomologist who has spent over 10 years researching human and animal health vectors, including head lice, says that there are new lice control products available to help parents avoid the fear and frustration of preparing for and potentially treating an infestation. Schmidt’s groundbreaking research and product development work for TyraTech, a leading-edge life sciences company specializing in non-toxic insect and pest control, has produced Vamousse, the latest innovation in effective, pesticide-free head lice solutions.

To safely guard against head lice and help to keep the entire family lice free, Schmidt recommends using Vamousse Lice Defense, a daily shampoo, during high risk periods like heading back to school and for 10-14 days after potential exposure. If there is evidence that lice are present, Vamousse Lice Treatment kills lice and their eggs in a single treatment. But detection isn’t always easy and risk is ever-present. Children can be exposed to lice during any close contact situation, such as playdates, sleepovers or camp, and lice can be transferred to siblings and even parents.

“Parents believe they will recognize an infestation quickly if a child contracts head lice, when in reality it can take 2-4 weeks before an infestation is first noticed,” said Schmidt. “In most cases, people find the nits (eggs) before seeing lice. After initial infestation, it takes time for the number of nits to build to the point where they become readily apparent and longer yet before the number of lice is large enough that characteristic symptoms, such as itching or a crawling sensation, are felt. During that time, it is possible for the lice to infest other family members and classmates.”

“Vamousse Lice Defense gives parents a tool for when their children are at risk of lice exposure. Simply switching to this daily shampoo helps keep the whole family lice-free. If undetected lice are already there, the shampoo has been shown in laboratory studies to kill them,” said Schmidt.

Vamousse is pesticide-free and uses active ingredient Natrum Muriaticum to dehydrate lice. Non-toxic Vamousse is easy to use and rinses out easily, leaving no pesticide residue.

With Vamousse, parents can feel confident about sending their kids back to school, even after notification of an outbreak.

Vamousse Lice Defense (MSRP $12.99) is available nationwide at Walmart and online at, and Vamousse Lice Treatment (MSRP $24.99) is available nationwide at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Kmart, and in some regional chains, including Harris Teeter, HEB, and online at and

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Back To School Doesn’t Have To Mean Back To Head Lice For Children