Cala Speaking Academy, the Oratory and Communication School of Ismael Cala, now...

Cala Speaking Academy, the Oratory and Communication School of Ismael Cala, now online


Intended for executives, leaders and anyone who wishes to use their communication skills as a powerful tool for succeeding in business and personal relations, becoming persuasive influencers.

MIAMI, Aug. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cala Speaking Academy, after completing three successful on-site trainings, and being ready for another in October; the oratory and communication school created by Ismael Cala, will soon be launching its new “online” version.

The magic will take place from any part of the world, by allowing anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their communication to participate just by signing in from the comfort of their homes or workplace, at any time and without the need to travel abroad.

“If you are one of those persons yearning to be able to speak in front of an audience and lose that stage fright, then this is a “must-do” training for you. We are going to dig down the roots of communication, to become more successful in transmitting ideas, and reinforce your self-esteem and self-confidence,” Ismael Cala explained. He will also be sharing his techniques to improving oratory skills, eloquence, and speech preparation.

The program is structured into 16 modules that combine theoretical and practical concepts. Each student will receive a workbook with more than 500 questions and different activities.

“Above 80% of our success in business, professional and personal life can be related to our communication. Public speaking is becoming a skill to be applied in almost any profession. Oration is not exclusive for politicians or journalists. How to write and deliver a speech, make a good presentation and know how to have stage presence and voice projection, are abilities that can be learned and acquired,” Ismael Cala added.

The first 200 to register before August 31st will receive some special perks. The digital course will be available on November 1st. For more information and registration go to and WhatsApp: +13053609940.


Life and business strategist. For five and a half years, Ismael Cala hosted the show CALA at prime time on CNN en Español. Businessman and social entrepreneur. Author of eight best-selling books in the areas of leadership, enterprise and personal development, including “El poder de escuchar,” (The Power of Listening), and “Despierta con Cala” (Awaken with Cala). Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba (1969) and has a degree in Art History from Universidad de Oriente. He is coauthor of the book “Beat the Curve,” with Brian Tracy. He graduated from the School of Communication at the University of York in Toronto, and has a diploma from Seneca College in Television Production. He is President and founder of Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation.



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Cala Speaking Academy, the Oratory and Communication School of Ismael Cala, now online