Carl Polsan’s New Book El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad, a Sapient...

Carl Polsan’s New Book El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad, a Sapient Read Discussing the Human Capacity for Enlightenment in Reality


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The book El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad was created by Carl Polsan. Carl Polsan is an author and a regular scholar with a keen sense of the nature of being and of human reality.

Carl Polsan said this about his book: “It is affirmed that the human being only exploits 1 to 5 percent of his intellectuality. Creativity and intelligence are not ‘gifts reserved only for some privileged.’ We all have the capacity to exploit them. In Chapter 10 you will find a guide on how to nurture your understanding and ensure that the appropriate neurotransmitters are generated from the axon of the neuron to the recipient dendrite to overcome this deficit. We need to learn how to earn money because 50 percent of our nature is physical, and to solve the other 50 percent composed of psyches, we need to know how to structure the transcendental knowledge to enrich our reality (Chapter 3).

In our relative world, the truths do not have degrees (simply, something is true, or it is not), categorizing them as ‘small or large’ depending on the darkness or the luminosity of our degrees of complexity. There are no big or small truths; what exists are colossal interpretive minds and limited minds. On the other hand, knowledge does have ‘quality grades,’ but the appraiser is the subject; however, not all truths help because not all knowledge is useful and effective.

‘Common sense is the primary school of intelligence and the kindergarten of wisdom.’ If we believe that acquiring a knowledge focused on ‘discipline, vision, attitude, goals, dreaming, believing in you, the law of attraction, and the subconscious mind’ is ‘extraordinary,’ we are annoyed and late because our basic common sense already should have indicated to us that those obvious are not knowledge but experiencing sensations to learn to want. The human being was born to reason to nurture his understanding with logic and truth (book content). It is easier to ’emotion’ people than ‘help think.’ ‘The correlation of forces provoked between the love and the power are shipwrecked and sunk by the imbalance of knowledge.'”

Published by Page Publishing, Carl Polsan’s new book El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad will evoke in readers an overwhelming and profound yearning to attain the epitome of human sensibility and discover their ultimate purpose in life.

Consumers who wish to understand the true essence of reality and how human beings can live prudent lives can purchase El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad in any bookstore, or online at Apple iTunes,, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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Carl Polsan’s New Book El Ser Humano Y Su Realidad, a Sapient Read Discussing the Human Capacity for Enlightenment in Reality