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Cine Estelar Celebrates Seventh Anniversary!

Cine Estelar Celebrates Seventh Anniversary!


Cine Estelar Celebrates Seventh Anniversary!

MIAMI, Sept. 18, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Cine Estelar, the leading Mexican movie channel with the most relevant portfolio and versatile movie genres for the Mexican audience in the United States, celebrates its seventh anniversary on screen on November 25th. Cine Estelar celebration joins the commemoration of the Mexican Revolution and honors a period of ten years of revolution marked by the struggle of the Mexican population to improve working conditions of peasants and workers, protect the indigenous population, and promote a national land reform.

“We celebrate our seventh anniversary in grand style! During the months of October and November Cine Estelar will feature the best movies of the Mexican Revolution. These are key to understand modern Mexico and the spirit of our Mexican audience, brave people who offered their life for equality and the good of the Mexican nation. Documentaries and music of our own production and unpublished images of the Revolution accompany Cine Estelar tribute to the Mexican Revolution. Our thematic portfolio around the Mexican Revolution include movies, exclusive images, video documentaries, and songs, making it the most complete and extensive nowadays and unsurpassed by any other movie channel in Spanish language, thus, positioning Cine Estelar as the most preferred movie channel by our Mexican audience,” said Carlos Vasallo, President and CEO of Cine Estelar.

In addition, “Cine Estelar honors seven of the greatest writers of Spanish language, Nobel prize laureates, writers, Latin American leaders and artists showcasing seven representative films written and adapted by them,” said Carlos Vasallo, President and CEO of Cine Estelar. This artistic selection will include ‘Los Cachorros’ by Mario Vargas Llosa, ‘El Gallo de Oro’ by Juan Rulfo, ‘La Doncella de Piedra’ Romulo Gallegos, ‘Patsy mi amor’ by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, ‘Barroco’ Alejo Carpentier, ‘Muneca Reina’ by Carlos Fuentes and ‘Tirano Banderas’ by Ramon del Valle-Inclan.

During the celebration, Cine Estelar will screen 30 films of the Mexican Revolution, among which are: ‘El Centauro del Norte’, ‘La Guerillera Villa’, ‘La Marcha de Zacatecas’, ‘El Caudillo’, ‘Viva la Soldadera’, ‘Juan Charrasqueado y Gabino Barrera’ and ‘La Valentina’.

Cine Estelar offers the widest variety of movie titles and unprecedented special productions around relevant topics for our Mexican audience. On August 15th, and during the month of August, Cine Estelar premiered the movie ‘La Fuga del Chapo’, just weeks after the escape of Chapo Guzman. It will be featured again on Thursday November 26th in celebration of Cine Estelar 7th anniversary, and the production process of the second part ‘La Fuga Chapo II’ has begun for its release next year. Cine Estelar commitment with its Pay TV Affiliates translates into ongoing investments into unique productions around issues of relevance for the Mexican audience such as the special production ‘A 30 anos del Sismo’ an extensive documentary with unpublished images of the disaster, and the film ‘Derrumbe Mortal’ showing the devastation of Mexico City.

Also, supporting Cine Estelar celebration, Cine Nostalgia will feature various productions and documentaries:

‘Grandes Momentos de Nuestra Historia‘, shows 30 programs of our own production with exclusive images including ‘Porfirio Diaz’, ‘Fiestas del Centenario’, ‘Francisco Villa, El Centauro del Norte’, ‘Cuando el Cine llego a la Revolucion’, ‘Emiliano Zapata, El Caudillo del Sur’, ‘La Decena Tragica’ and ‘La Revolucion Mexicana’.

‘Grandes Momentos de Nuestra Musica’ will broadcast 30 musical pieces around the Revolution with the interpretation and original images of Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Antonio Aguilar, Lucha Villa and Vicente Fernandez and a selection of songs such as ‘Amaneci en tus brazos’, ‘Me canse de rogarte’, ‘Si nos dejan’.

‘Grandes Momentos de Nuestro Cine’ will show 30 programs on the origin of major productions of the Mexican Revolution such as ‘La Sombra de Pancho Villa’,’ Mexico Lindo’, ‘Pueblo en Armas’, ‘The Soldadera’ , ‘Pancho Villa Vuelve’, “El Cine y la Revolucion’ among others.

Additional information of Cine Estelar programming is available on our web site http://www.cinestelar.tv/


Cine Estelar Celebrates Seventh Anniversary!