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Courier Companies in the US React to New Customs Measures in Colombia

Courier Companies in the US React to New Customs Measures in Colombia


MIAMI, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Members of the International Courier Services Association have been meeting to discuss the new customs measures in Colombia. The government of Colombia, through the Ministerio de Hacienda and the Ministerio de Comercio published the Decreto 1165 this past July.

Colombia’s process of customs modernization seeks to simplify procedures and modifies certain measures with a goal of facilitating foreign trade. The new decree is intended to provide certainty and stability with regard to the customs regime. Among the global trends for the modernization of customs is the Authorized Economic Operator (OEA) system that Colombia will implement as of March 2020, in addition to the Trusted User, for smaller companies. Similar modernization efforts are being implemented; the Pacific Alliance, a trade bloc formed by Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, signed a Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) in 1998 of their respective OEA programmes.

Hugo Cuevas-Mohr, founder of Mohr World, Advisor to ICSA’s Board explained: “All these changes in Latin America will impact the cost for couriers and will modify many of their processes. Everyone agrees that these changes will be beneficial for the sector and members understand their need to educate agents and consumers, as well as the need to modify software systems, accounting and best practices. Modernization calls for professionalism and competence.”

ICSA, whose mission is to organize couriers involved in the provision of packaging services to migrants and ethnic communities, vows to represent the voice of this sector to government agencies and other industry associations such as FIATA, CLADEC, ALACAT, FETEIA, ASAPRA, where these specialized services need to be understood and recognized.

Carlos Arauz, president of ATEIA-Oltra, a similar association in Madrid writes: “Our sector is very dynamic, complex and variable, from the management and advice in international transportation of goods, to the most complicated logistic designs and representation. The fundamental role of our companies is increasingly recognized in making the world a more open and interconnected place, for the benefit of all.”

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Courier Companies in the US React to New Customs Measures in Colombia