Spotlight – Dr. Owusu Kizito Interviewed on New York Stock Exchange Television,...

Spotlight – Dr. Owusu Kizito Interviewed on New York Stock Exchange Television, NY

The interview includes a message from the Chief Executive Officer of Investigroup for Wall Street Investors on Ghana


NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The state of the world’s economy appears to be improving given that macroeconomic risks have declined steadily over the years since the big recession. There are several complex forces shaping macroeconomic evolutions around the world. Accordingly, Dr. Owusu Kizito, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Investigroup Inc. ( was invited by the prestigious New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the world financial center and most powerful finance authority to weigh in on the state of the economic and business activities in the United States and around the world. The host was Mike Norman, an economist and a very well known news anchor at Wall Street.

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Asked how the economic conditions in the United States is doing so far, Dr. Kizito acknowledged that the economy is doing much better since the great recession of 2008/2009 because of a bit higher consumer confidence coupled with banks and financial institutions making credit and loan facilities available to small to medium sized companies to foster growth. With regards to up and coming markets like Ghana and Africa, Dr. Kizito was very optimistic about investment and business opportunities in Ghana. While the interviewer Mr. Norman acknowledged that doing business in Africa can be murky, Dr. Kizito touted Ghana as a very investor-friendly country in Sub-Sahara Africa that is truly open for real investments from capable and willing investors. “The Chinese are all over Ghana jumping in on business opportunities, especially in the emerging Crude Oil business,” according to Professor Kizito, a college professor and successful entrepreneur on his relationships with some investors from China. He therefore urged Wall Street investors to visit the trade departments of the embassies of Ghana to receive the correct and verifiable information on investment opportunities in Ghana. 

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A Known Fact

Dr. Owusu Kizito has a track record of being a dynamic, results-driven professional. He has close to twenty years of experience in consulting, banking, financial analysis, project management, and process improvement. In addition, he has an extensive background as analytic expert regarding the calculus of decision-making, and problem solving. Dr. Owusu Kizito is the President and CEO of Investigroup companies. Apart from being a financial and housing counseling expert, he is also a successful writer, tax expert and a published author.


The launching also included a Collaborative Cultural Exhibition between China and Ghana, also jointly organized by Dr. Owusu Kizito, the Ghana permanent mission to the United Nations and his Chinese partner Mr. Andy Lin of the United Nations Commutech Group. This was in recognition and celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations and to promote cross-cultural exchange which occurred at United Nations Headquarters, New York from July 13 to July 24, 2015.


Dr Owusu Kizito

Spotlight – Dr. Owusu Kizito Interviewed on New York Stock Exchange Television, NY