Eighty Six Brand Adds a Sweet Touch of SUGAR to the Delta-8...

Eighty Six Brand Adds a Sweet Touch of SUGAR to the Delta-8 Market


LOS ANGELES, July 23, 2021 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — As a result of Delta-8 THC’s lesser psychoactive potency coupled with creativity infusing flavoring into hemp-derived distillate, Eighty Six Brand successfully launched its product collection nationwide, making an absolute killing for those looking for an alternative to traditional cannabis.  The brand now introduces SUGAR, a unique offering of Delta-8-infused edibles online to further push the envelope of achieving an elevated state of mind.

Full product collection of SUGAR by Eighty Six Brand.

What is SUGAR?

When it comes to edibles, the typical consumer has limited options – with most edible brands only offering gummies, baked goods, or capsules.  Given the egregious lack of product innovation, SUGAR offers a collection of Delta-8-infused edibles online with the clear goal of offering something that is as equally-appetizing as it is potent.

SUGAR rolls out seven delectable Delta-8-infused edibles online for its initial launch.  Sour Peach Rings and Sour Belts are a classic.  The Chamoy equivalents of the two iconic candies, however, are what immediately sets the brand apart from others.  Chamoy is a sweet and slightly spicy coating applied to classic Mexican sweets, making the entire edibles experience that much more enjoyable.

SUGAR also takes a page from jelly cups, most commonly found in Asian snacks with its Melon Jelly Gummy Bites.  Teetering between a normal gummy and a less-viscous jelly, the Melon Jelly Gummy Bites make a flavorful explosion of sweet watermelon coupled with the full power of Delta-8, again making the entire experience just as pleasurable eating it as it does in getting you elevated.

Lastly, SUGAR introduces the Milk Chocolate and Cookies & Cream chocolate bars to the mix.  While cannabis-infused chocolate is not a new trend, dosing is often a hit-or-miss experience.  SUGAR simplifies this by adding cut lines and clear instructions on how to break apart the chocolate bar to ensure you get exactly the potency you are looking for time and again.

What are Delta-8 THC Edibles?

Delta-8 THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid that is naturally produced in hemp.  The experience delivers a lesser psychoactive experience, effectively removing the anxiety and paranoia that traditional Delta-9 THC possesses.  Taken as an edible, the food with the Delta-8 infused into it must first pass through the stomach and intestines before it is distributed to the bloodstream.  The added time it takes for it to be digested results in a longer-lasting and more potent psychoactive experience versus if you were to consume Delta-8 as an inhalable vape cartridge.

You can find SUGAR Delta-8 edibles online through its website and is legally available in most states.  For an updated list of where SUGAR and Delta-8 is available, be sure to check out their article.

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Eighty Six Brand Adds a Sweet Touch of SUGAR to the Delta-8 Market