Latin executives share their key to success

Latin executives share their key to success

How to be successful while remaining authentic


CHICAGO, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Sandra Rivera is a Vice President at technology giant Intel; Victor Arias is a Senior Partner for Executive Searches at Korn Ferry; and Juan Galarraga is a Senior Vice President at Target.

These Latinos have reached the pinnacle of success as executives, and their stories, along with those of 17 other executives, are a fundamental part of the investigative work underlying the guidelines and themes of the new book “Auténtico, The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success,” published in English.

The two authors are successful Latino executives. Andrés Tomás Tapia is a Senior Partner and Inclusion Strategies Solutions Leader at Korn Ferry, a leadership and talent consulting agency. Robert Rodríguez is president of DRR Advisors LLC, a consulting firm specialized in recruitment, retention and development of Latino professionals.

Sandra Rivera says that she always emphasizes her Colombian descent in her work environment as an upper-level executive, to instill confidence and pride in other Latinos. She remembers that her parents always stressed that education is the only path to better opportunities.

Víctor Arias grew up in El Paso, Texas. The son of Latino parents, he only spoke Spanish at home. He says that he inherited the work ethic of his father, who always worked extremely hard to provide his children with things that he did not have growing up.

Juan Galarraga, born in Venezuela, came to the United States as an adult. This executive offers key points regarding how Latinos can adapt to the United States corporate world, something that is indispensable to triumphing in upper management.

The book contains important advice from other successful Latinos such as Darren Rebelez, President of IHOP; Jorge Figueredo, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at McKesson Corporation; and Yvonne García, the Global Head of Client Solutions at State Street Corporation.

Former Secretary of Housing and former Mayor of San Antonio, Henry Cisneros believes that “this book is a manual with immense value for Latinos who seek to reach their maximum productive potential.”

All discuss the complex dynamic of their identity as Latino, and how it has served them to advance as professionals in an extremely competitive world where there is pressure to assimilate into the dominant culture, and in the process risk losing their Latin-ness.

If you are interested in the book, please search on Amazon under “Auténtico, The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success.”

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SOURCE Andrés Tomás Tapia and Robert Rodríguez

Latin executives share their key to success