El Clasificado Makes History with EC Classifieds, its 1st English Magazine

El Clasificado Makes History with EC Classifieds, its 1st English Magazine

The largest free Spanish classified magazine in the nation celebrates the debut of EC Classifieds – with a circulation of 95,000 weekly copies – ready to serve the needs of a broader community


LOS ANGELES, June 29, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — New times, a new face and new ways to serve the Southern California Market. July 1, 2015 is a date of note for El Clasificado as it marks a new chapter in its already successful 27 years. Having served the Spanish-speaking Latino community since 1988, the company is set to make history as it launches EC Classifieds, a new free publication ready to serve the bilingual and English-speaking communities in Southern California.

EC Classifieds is definitely El Clasificado’s most ambitious print product launched in years. This new publication was created after the PennySaver closed its doors, effectively leaving more than 678 employees out of work and thousands of companies, who still love print advertising, with decreased options for reaching local customers. If history repeats itself for El Clasificado, originally launched to serve thousands of Latino businesses and purchase-motivated consumers with classified listings, then we can expect to see a continuation of the proven successful marketplace that still thrives today.

Recognizing yet another call from local businesses in need, Martha de la Torre, CEO and Co-founder of El Clasificado, stated she is ready to welcome the underserved advertisers and consumers by “bucking industry trends, growing our print circulation, and serving a broader community.” Ms. de la Torre also noted, “We are very proud to once again defy the long breaking rumors that print is dying and launch another free source to serve our communities who still seek jobs as well as products and services in print. EC Classifieds aims to raise the bar in a whole new way, untethered from the constraints of old classified magazines with El Clasificado’s award winning distribution system.”

For Joe Badame, Co-founder and COO of El Clasificado, “Classified listings continue to be the number one sales-generator for El Clasificado and the best way to reach local businesses and consumers in any given language. We’re confident we will be the right, and preferred medium to connect buyers and sellers in the English speaking community and we’ll follow El Clasificado’s success to become the go-to resource for this market.”

EC Classifieds’ inaugural July 1, 2015 edition will hit the streets with 95,000 copies circulating in three regions in over 5,000 heavily trafficked distribution points in the areas of Bakersfield, Orange County and Inland Empire using El Clasificado’s award winning distribution system. In addition, with this new print initiative, El Clasificado is also launching ECClassifieds.com to serve all cross media platform readers.

The message is clearer than ever: Print is alive and growing in Southern California!

How to advertise in EC Classifieds?

For information about our print ads, please contact Sales Coordinator, Elena Stavrou at estavrou@elclasificado.com, 888-679-6580. We are looking for great local businesses to advertise with us!


El Clasificado Makes History with EC Classifieds, its 1st English Magazine