The new book by author Miguel Soto, “Mysteries: Love, Light and Life”...

The new book by author Miguel Soto, “Mysteries: Love, Light and Life” is a philosophical work that explores the mysteries of existence


STANTON, California, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Miguel Soto, a retired engineer and project manager, completed his book in Spanish, “Mysteries: Love, Light and Life”: a journey of human understanding.

The contribution of Miguel, “‘Mysteries: Love, Light and Life,’ is a book written for you with the intention of clarifying the content of existence. Your pains, sufferings and tribulations, in truth, are not necessary, you have the divine right and the opportunity to live in peace, in a continuous state of rejoicing, satisfaction and contentment. Your moments of happiness are only moments, and the more intense they are, reality can be more difficult when you return to it. We have no reason to suffer unless we understand the logic of the universe- the purpose of its mysteries, Love, Light and Life. This book explains that everything was done with love, for love and to love putting light within your reach – human understanding – and shows that, with these two mysteries, life – the third mystery – flows gloriously in all its splendor. You know? You were created with love from the beginning of the intention of your life, and at the moment of your conception you absorbed part of the Great Sprit, his absolute knowledge, and infinite love. These are the secrets of the three mysteries revealed in this book: you are never isolated, you are an eternal part of that infinite love, under the wise light that illuminates the reality of your life. Inhale, fill yourself with love.

This book exposes that there is a dark part of our being and which, perhaps, we do not want to dominate, that is our Ego. Many times, our capricious ego creates situations that we cannot live with, or maybe we do not tolerate, and we destroy life. The secret is that we can dominate, domesticate, manage our ego, understanding that cravings, desires, cravings and whims are selfish, in most cases. The light makes clear that love is the solution of everything, including control over our Ego. Light illuminates life, and it is understood that everything with love is carried by the hand. The mystery of love is in your wisdom, in your pondering, so that the light of your reasoning shines on the right path. This book is a guide for you to meditate on how to achieve your continuous state of rejoicing, contentment and satisfaction – the permanent happiness of your spiritual and mental life. The secret of the three mysteries is to live in peace and harmoniously integrated with the Universe that has created us; always looking with love, the wise light that illuminates the truth of life. Life is only the vehicle that works driven by the light of knowledge and driven by the driving force of love. Have a good trip!”

This book by Miguel Soto published by Page Publishing Publishing located in New York, USA is a philosophical work that encourages thought to explore the connection of Love and Light in human life.

Those readers who want to know this interesting work can buy “Mysteries: Love, Light and Life” in local bookstores, or in stores on the Internet such as Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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The new book by author Miguel Soto, “Mysteries: Love, Light and Life” is a philosophical work that explores the mysteries of existence