Taxpayer Advocate Service Announces Launch Of Tax Reform Website In Spanish; Focuses...

Taxpayer Advocate Service Announces Launch Of Tax Reform Website In Spanish; Focuses On Helping Taxpayers As Tax Season Approaches


WASHINGTON, Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) today announced the launch of Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos, the Spanish-language version of the Taxpayer Advocate Service’s recently launched Tax Reform Changes website. The site was created to assist Spanish-speaking taxpayers as the new filing season draws near.

Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos is unique in that it addresses the most common 2017 IRS Form 1040, US Individual Income Tax Return topics on a line-by-line basis and whether the tax law has changed or not. Site users can simply select a specific line on the IRS Form 1040, or select a certain topic of interest, to view explanations and scenarios describing how the new law may impact them.

Visitors to the site can also sign up to receive email notifications in Spanish or English as the website is updated with new tax law information. The site is updated frequently and many new topics have been added since the English-language version of the site was launched earlier this year.


In light of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), TAS launched the website to help taxpayers understand how the new tax law may change their future tax filings and help them prepare for the changes. Tax Reform Changes lists key tax return items under current law (2017), shows which ones have been impacted by the TCJA, and illustrates how the changes will be reflected on tax year 2018 returns filed in 2019.

“With the tax season quickly approaching, TAS wants to make sure as many taxpayers as possible understand how the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act law may change their tax filings and help them plan for these changes,” said Nina Olson, National Taxpayer Advocate (NTA). 

Taxpayers, businesses or associations involved in helping Spanish-speaking taxpayers are encouraged to visit the site and then spread the word about Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos to others who may find it helpful. Anyone seeking to understand federal income taxes and the ramifications of tax law changes in Spanish will find the information useful.


The new site is mobile-friendly and is designed so everyone can easily see what items have and have not been changed. Just in time for the upcoming tax season, the site describes how the new changes that took effect for 2018 will be reflected on individual tax returns filed in early 2019. The site is beneficial to everyone who either files a tax return, helps others to file taxes in some way, or even those who provide financial advice based on the changing tax laws. A preview of the site is available on YouTube at

In addition, the Taxpayer Advocate Service website has detailed information and products, in Spanish, related to the new site, along with a Spanish-language article that describes Cambios en la Reforma de Impuestos and its importance. Tax professionals can use the article to promote the site as a valuable resource to their Spanish-speaking clients. 

The IRS is still in the process of issuing guidance on some tax reform issues. The website has been designed to incorporate updated information as it becomes available. So you, your family, friends, and other taxpayers can sign up to receive alerts to stay informed of new tax reform information as it is added. Simply select the purple Subscribe button at the top of the site.


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Taxpayer Advocate Service Announces Launch Of Tax Reform Website In Spanish; Focuses On Helping Taxpayers As Tax Season Approaches