Vamousse Provides Tips on Choosing a Lice Treatment for Back-to-School

Vamousse Provides Tips on Choosing a Lice Treatment for Back-to-School

With so many lice treatments available, parents are left scratching their heads


MORRISVILLE, N.C., Aug. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Lice cases spike at back-to-school which means many parents will be shopping for lice treatment along with No. 2 pencils as kids return to the classroom. Parents have a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) options for treating lice – many more than their parents had – so selecting a product may feel overwhelming. Pesticide-free lice treatment Vamousse provides a look at the three most common types of lice treatment products found in the first aid aisle.

Parents should be informed about how to treat head lice because cases increase when kids return to school.

Pesticide-Based Lice Treatments
Traditionally pesticide-based products have been the most common lice treatments available. These products contain the active ingredients Permethrin or Pyrethrum, which are pesticides introduced more than four decades ago as pediculicides – OTC drugs to kill lice.1 With these products, the formula kills lice but does little to kill their eggs, making a second application necessary seven to 10 days later to kill newly hatched lice that were in the egg stage when the first treatment was performed.

A big concern today is pesticide-resistance. Researchers studying head lice across the U.S. have documented that strains of “super lice” exist in much of the country. As a result of having relied on the same chemicals to treat lice over decades, resistance has grown, leading to less consistent reliability of these pesticide-containing products. To learn more about this issue, check out this article published recently by TyraTech, makers of Vamousse.  

Pesticide-Free Lice Treatments
This category of products is aimed at addressing the pesticide-resistance challenge and providing a different approach to ending an infestation. Within the pesticide-free category, there are two main types of products: pediculicides and combing facilitators.

  • Pesticide-Free Pediculicides
    This newer generation of treatments emphasizes safe, non-toxic ingredients with the ability to kill lice, including super lice without using the pesticides to which lice have become resistant. Often these products include a Drug Facts box indicating that the FDA recognizes the active ingredient as a pediculicide – an OTC drug for the treatment of lice.

    Vamousse Lice Treatment is an example of a pesticide-free pediculicide. Vamousse is also proven to kill eggs, dehydrating them with the treatment. This means that both the adult lice and their laid eggs are killed with the application rather than needing to wait for eggs to hatch. Parents also get the benefit of ingredients that are non-toxic and safe to reapply as needed, so there is no waiting period to fully end an infestation or quickly treat a re-infestation.

  • Combing Facilitators
    Combing is the original method of ending a lice infestation (evidence dates back even to the time of Cleopatra!). Some products in the lice treatment section serve to condition the hair for easier combing, supporting the manual removal of lice. These products can be recognized by language about “loosening the nit glue” or “eliminating lice and eggs.” For many parents, combing alone is a time-intensive, highly involved activity that may need to be repeated frequently to get complete removal, so they should be aware that these combing aids do not kill lice.

What Parents Should Know
The best way to identify a head lice infestation early is by doing regular head checks. If you find lice, check the rest of the family and alert playmates. With the range of treatments on the market, be sure to follow the directions carefully for the product you select as procedures vary based on the type of product.

About Vamousse Lice Treatment
At Vamousse, we know parents want to eliminate head lice quickly. That’s why we are proud to offer fast, effective products for parents to control lice and super lice with ingredients they can feel good about. Vamousse Lice Treatment kills both lice and eggs with the first application so kids and parents can get back to focusing on life – not the itchy effects of head lice.

Learn more about proactive lice management this back-to-school season at how Vamousse works at

1 Gellatly KJ, et al. Expansion of the knockdown resistance frequency. J Med Entomol. 2016;53(3):653–659.v

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Vamousse Provides Tips on Choosing a Lice Treatment for Back-to-School