‘Mar de Plastico’ to Premiere on Atreseries

‘Mar de Plastico’ to Premiere on Atreseries

A remote town, a story of love, a murdered young girl, few alibis, many suspects… The new Atresmedia international channel series stars Rodolfo Sancho, Belen Lopez, Pedro Casablanc, Jesus Castro, Luis Fernandez, Fernando Cayo and Patrick Criado


MADRID, Jan. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — On January 20, Atreseries will be airing the absolute premiere of this new thriller by the Atresmedia group, produced by Boomerang TV.

The plot of this 13-episode fictional series takes place in the fictitious town of Campoamargo on the southern Spanish coast, whose economy depends on greenhouses, and in which coexists a diverse melting pot of cultures.

The brutal murder of Ainhoa, the mayor’s young daughter, coincides with the arrival in the town of Hector, a sergeant in the Civil Guard Judicial Police force, who will soon find himself in charge of the most difficult and dangerous investigation of his career.

The main, secondary and episodic characters in Mar de Plastico are played by more than 100 actors and 2,000 extras. Over a five-month period, and showcasing an ambitious production design, the series has been filmed in more than 50 locations between the province of Almeria and Madrid.

Heading the cast is Rodolfo Sancho (Hermanos de leche, Un Paso Adelante, Lobos…), together with Belen Lopez, Pedro Casablanc, Jesus Castro, Luis Fernandez, Fernando Cayo and Patrick Criado. Other members include Nya de la Rubia, Andrea del Rio, Federico Aguado, Jesus Carroza, Will Shephard, Yaima Ramos, Maximo Pastor, Eva Martin, Andrea Ros, Angela Vega, Jorge Suquet and Luka Peros, among others.

In the first chapter: ‘A thirst for memories’

It all begins one dark, moonless night at the Campoamargo (Almeria) greenhouses. A young girl cries for help; it is Ainhoa. When she tries to run, she suddenly appears to get sucked into the plastic covering. And disappears.

Amancio, a neighbor in the vicinity of the greenhouses at the time, notifies the Civil Guard, telling them he has seen a girl running and calling for help. But they cannot find anyone. The following morning when the sprinklers are turned on at the greenhouses, instead of water coming out, there is blood.

The head of a girl that appears to be Ainhoa is found nearby in a well. Someone has killed Ainhoa; several people have a motive, but very few have an alibi. Everyone is suspect, but only one is guilty.

PREMIERE Wednesday, January 20

10:00hrs pm/Argentina and Chile
8:00hrs pm/México
9:00hrs pm/Colombia
9:30hrs pm/Venezuela
6:00 pm (PT)/ 9:00 pm (ET)

More information:
+34 619 860 074

‘Mar de Plastico’ to Premiere on Atreseries