Evergreen Organix Strives for Safety, Quality and Consistency

Evergreen Organix Strives for Safety, Quality and Consistency

Evergreen Organix signature line of vapes, edibles and topicals adheres to strict testing and safety protocol going beyond simply meeting state standards


LAS VEGAS, Oct. 19, 2018 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — In the cannabis industry safety and quality should be the highest priority of any producer and Evergreen Organix takes this responsibility to heart. All their signature products use only the finest ingredients and premium cannabis that is grown in a no till permaculture environment that is clean green certified. Everything is hand crafted and made in small batches to ensure quality and consistency in each product. To top it off, all products are tested to strict state regulations – and are also tested for shelf-life stability.  

Quality and Consistency are our Priority (PRNewsfoto/Evergreen Organix)

The state of Nevada is avid about consumer education – and so is Evergreen Organix. In a proactive attempt to educate customers regarding edible safety there is information available on the website both under a specific “education” tab,  is referenced on the blog and educational warning cards are also available at each dispensary. Further safety precautions are taken with opaque packaging that is designed to still be eye-catching to adult consumers while not appealing to children. Product packaging is heat sealed and tamper proof – with clearly displayed product facts for consumers including THC and/or CBD content.   Evergreen Organix is one of the only edible producers in Nevada that has Nutritional information available on their website for consumers of their products.

“We are a family business and take the reasonability very serious, so we not only adhere to State guidelines, but we go above what is required to protect the consumer and the integrity of what our organization was founded on,” said Jillian Nelson, Operations Manager.

As Evergreen Organix continues their expansion into California, Colorado and Arizona, these safety protocols and practices will remain intact – adhering to regulations in each state as required. The quality and safety of each product will always be the end goal for Evergreen Organix as operations expand with the growing legal industry.

Evergreen Organix is a Las Vegas based producer of cannabis edibles, topical and vape products that uses only the finest ingredients and premium cannabis. Their signature line of products is soon to be available in California, Colorado, Washington, Montana and Arizona to both medicinal and adult recreational consumers.

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Evergreen Organix Strives for Safety, Quality and Consistency