FareCompare.com Charts Cheap Flights with Updated Getaway Map

FareCompare.com Charts Cheap Flights with Updated Getaway Map

New Interface Tool was Developed from User Feedback to Discover Great Fares


DALLAS, Aug. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Today, FareCompare.com launched an updated version of its popular Getaway Map with a new interface that makes it easier than ever for users to find the perfect destination at an affordable price.   It is now available in English and Spanish at www.farecompare.com/map.

“Our new approach makes it easier than ever for folks to chart their next great adventure,” said Rick Seaney, CEO and co-founder of FareCompare.  “Our team analyzed all kinds of data to come up with this simple yet sophisticated way to search for destinations and deals. We think users will love how easy it is, but also have a lot of fun with it.”

How does it work?
The map searches billions of available fares for the best deals and flight options through a simple statement that users customize to suit their needs; it’s as simple as a game of fill-in-the-blanks. For example, a user customize the statement like this: “Fly from Dallas – Ft. Worth to Europe.  I want to play golf in the Fall for under $800.”  Users explore the deals they want by adding a departure city and destination – and if they’re not sure of a city, they can input a region or simply “anywhere” – then, a specific interest can be added if desired such as family fun, beaches, skiing and more. Finally, the time of the year for travel is added, along with a spending limit.

Once the user clicks “Map it”, a search is performed for all available deals based on the statement as more than 24 billion daily itineraries are identified for the lowest available prices. The best of the deals are then pinned to the map so users can quickly zoom in for specifics such as travel dates. Once a fare is selected, the price is quickly compared to hundreds of airfares sites – so users can see all ticket prices for all airlines – and be confident of getting the best deal available.

Why is FareCompare.com Launching an Updated Map?
The FareCompare team is continuously looking for new and better ways to help people find great fares and cheap flights.  From FareCompare’s inception as one of the first comprehensive meta-search engines of the air travel industry with leading deal-detection algorithms, to its launch of Eventurist, a unique, event-inspired global destination-finder mobile app, FareCompare is once again leading the way by harnessing user-feedback to solve the frustration of paying too much for airfare.

In order to meet users’ increase searches via their smart phone, the Getaway Map was reimagined as a mobile-first tool, and designed to work well on smart phones and laptops.

“We will continue to listen to our customers in order to improve the Map and to create new tools that help them compare fares, airline fees and find deals that are not advertised by airlines,” added Seaney.  “Since we started ten years ago, our mission has been simple – to help our friends find the cheapest available fares – and we will continue to innovate around that goal.”

The Getaway Map has been one of FareCompare’s most popular features since its initial release in 2007, shared and linked-to by a record number of users. The latest version is expected to be an even more popular go-to resource for flyers around the world.

About FareCompare
FareCompare makes shopping for airfare easy and simple, by comparing currently available fares from a vast array of sources through one simple search.  The company’s multiple products allow customers across the world to keep track of favorite destinations and specific travel dates, and find great unpublicized deals through its best-in-class deal-detection algorithms. FareCompare.com is the trusted source of 6 million global users every month. 

Media Contact: Billy Sanez or Natalia Urreta, media@FareCompare.com (214) 588-1448

FareCompare.com Charts Cheap Flights with Updated Getaway Map