FDV Solutions Announces Expanded Services to U.S. Firms in Need of Technology...

FDV Solutions Announces Expanded Services to U.S. Firms in Need of Technology Solutions


The award-winning firm offers technology innovation and high-level talent to U.S. and Latin American Companies

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — FDV Solutions, an award-winning software development studio with offices in New York, San Francisco and Buenos Aires, is expanding the firm’s reach to more businesses in the U.S., by offering cost-effective, award-winning services to companies in need of technology talent.

In this increasingly tech-savvy world, companies and brands face the need for available and reliable talent to complete business projects and provide better services to their clients. The latest U.S. figures show that every year, companies offer over 4 million of technology jobs for developers and IT professionals. However, a lack of technology graduates and professionals in the U.S. presents a great challenge for companies and startups in need of technology support.

That is the reason why outsourcing has become a viable and affordable option for these companies in need of talent. FDV Solutions has seen this opportunity, and has started to gain a share in the market, with clients that range from startups and agencies, to corporate clients, generating great results and meeting their technology needs. The company provides process-oriented support and methodologies with complex architectures and interfaces to agile approaches, in environments with constant change.

“Since 2006, we have been able to form great partnerships with our U.S. clients, providing them with the solutions they need in this technology era,” said Mariano Stampella, CEO of FDV Solutions. “We currently have offices in New York and San Francisco, and we look forward to expanding our client base in the U.S., and continue offering cutting-edge technology, competitive prices and high level talent to our clients.”

FDV Solutions’ work speaks for itself, with several awards received for the company’s excellent service and innovative solutions, including Samsung Innovation SmartTV, as well as satisfied clients and quality technology projects successfully completed. The company provides developers, project leaders, testers, UX/UI specialists, working with Agile and Lean technologies.

“We are delighted with the outstanding job FDV Solutions has done to help us launch Carpe Society”, said Joel Kilksberg, CEO of Carpe Society. “The FDV Solutions team has helped us grow and improve our business during the year that we have worked with them.”

With a high-skilled and bilingual team that helps turn client’s ideas into amazing products, FDV Solutions is offering a great option for companies in need of great technology talent. The company expects to increase its client base five-fold by 2017.


About FDV Solutions

Since its founding nine years ago with a small team of only seven people, FDV Solutions has evolved into a full-functioning company that provides high-quality technology solutions to startups, brands, agencies and corporations, with more than 80 employees who work for some of the most prominent brands and organizations around the world, including Merck, Pfizer, the United Nations Foundation, Visa and Danone, among others.

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FDV Solutions Announces Expanded Services to U.S. Firms in Need of Technology Solutions