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Gary Nader Art Centre Presents the “Wifredo Lam Masterpieces” Exhibition: A Journey...

Gary Nader Art Centre Presents the “Wifredo Lam Masterpieces” Exhibition: A Journey Through His Oeuvre


MIAMI, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/– From May 22 to October 31, the Gary Nader Art Centre proudly presents the “Wifredo Lam Masterpieces” exhibition, featuring 18 seminal works by the renowned Cuban artist, Wifredo Lam. Curated by Gary Nader, an authority on Lam’s oeuvre, this retrospective spans four decades of the artist’s career, offering an unparalleled insight into his artistic evolution.

In 1993, Nader presented “Wifredo Lam: A Tribute,” followed by “Wifredo Lam Homage 100 Birthday” in 2002. Notably, “Wifredo Lam—One Man Show” was reintroduced in 2016 in collaboration with Phillips. In 2021, the renowned gallerist curated “Wifredo Lam: The Imagination at Work” in association with Pace Gallery, showcasing paintings, works on paper, and rare bronze sculptures, providing a profound exploration of Lam’s career and legacy.

“For over 40 years, our dedication has been to promote Lam’s work globally, and this exhibition celebrates his profound impact on modern art,” says Gary Nader.

The exhibition traces significant periods in Lam’s career:

1940s: The Emergence of Lam’s Unique Style

Returning to Cuba in 1941 after years in Europe, Lam began blending Cubism and Surrealism with Afro-Caribbean symbolism. His early works, such as “Hermès Trismégiste” and “The Flying Bird” from 1945, mix human and animal figures, reflecting his deep engagement with Afro-Cuban mythology. “Jungle Gods” (1948) showcases his use of a vibrant symbolic language that taps into African, Caribbean, and Latin American folklore.

1950s: Maturity and Thematic Exploration

During this decade, Lam’s works like “Ídoli” (1955) and “Here on Earth” (1955) reflect his mature style, continuing to explore the spiritual connections between humans and nature with a distinctive dreamlike and symbolic imagery.

1960s and 1970s: Innovation and International Expansion

Lam’s later works, including “Nous te voyons” (1964) and “Horizon Chauds” (1968), exhibit a shift towards abstraction while maintaining his rich symbolic narrative. His final works from the 1970s blend introspection with ongoing exploration, cementing his legacy as a master of cultural and artistic fusion.

This exhibition not only highlights Lam’s significant contributions to the art world but also provides a window into the cultural and personal contexts that influenced his work.

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Gary Nader Art Centre Presents the “Wifredo Lam Masterpieces” Exhibition: A Journey Through His Oeuvre