Millennials Launch Grassroots Jobs Campaign, Connect The Ages

Millennials Launch Grassroots Jobs Campaign, Connect The Ages

Generation Student Loan Bridges Workforce Demand Created by Aging Baby Boomers


WASHINGTON, May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Connect The Ages is female-led social enterprise on a mission to connect 5 million students to careers in aging by 2025. The time is certainly right to bridge the potential of millennials and generation Z to America’s changing demographics. Every day $712 million in student loan debt goes into deferment or forbearance while over 10,000 Americans become eligible for Medicare. Careers in aging enable students to pay off debt while utilizing their talents to pursue meaningful work.

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“Most students aren’t aware jobs in aging even exist, let alone future-proof, interdisciplinary jobs with room for advancement,” says 28 year-old Connect The Ages founder and AARP Innovation Fellow, Amanda Cavaleri. “We want to help educators introduce careers in aging to students by first bridging generational divides. Through our grassroots campaigns, students experience the often unknown positive side of aging and have opportunities to explore this impactful, purposeful work.”

  • Earlier this month, Connect The Ages released interviews of dozens of millennials in aging including architects, entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, lawyers, policy makers, and technologists.
  • Complementing the multimedia interviews are national grassroots classroom outreach and intergenerational digital storytelling and mentorship campaigns.

“Connect The Ages goes beyond connecting students to jobs. It shows the value in accommodating an older and intergenerational workplace and workforce,” said 33 year-old Michael North, Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations at NYU’s Stern School of Business.

The campaign collaborates with young professionals in aging to bridge workforce and innovation gaps, including 34 year-old Reid Estreicher, Samsung Senior Care Lead, who led filming of professionals in aging.

“Almost all 50 people we interviewed in the film said the same thing, that they fell into this work and they couldn’t imagine doing anything else. And if that’s the normal then it’s wholly unsustainable. An industry can’t run on happenstance and benevolence. There needs to be an active strategy to get more people involved,” said Estreicher. “I would love to see our younger generations be that strategy. This is more than just jobs and innovation, there are some great economic development opportunities here ‘to do well while doing good.'”


Millennials Launch Grassroots Jobs Campaign, Connect The Ages