Amazon Prime’s Global Child “Travel with Purpose” & Netflix’s Down to Earth...

Amazon Prime’s Global Child “Travel with Purpose” & Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zac Efron bring hope to audiences through a new breed of uplifting travel shows.


LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — With summer over and a travel restricted winter approaching, the two leading platforms are seeing spikes in viewers craving to travel vicariously through two uplifting world travel shows; Global Child “Travel with Purpose” which just unveiled Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zac Efron. Both shows might be on competing platforms, but they have a common goal: Travel with Purpose.

Efron travels the world with health guru Dan Olien trying to find new perspectives to common problems as they explore sustainable living practices. On the other hand, Augusto Valverde, the host and creator of Global Child, explores the world through the best experiences as he shares positive life lessons and gives back with the top influencers of the world. The success of both shows in connecting with audiences signals that despite a nation torn by toxic political discourse, people still love to travel  even if through a screen and welcome a message of hope,  purpose and unity.

“People love travel; it’s the number one goal for millennials and that hasn’t changed… I think what’s changing is the awareness of the good we can all do when we visit places. I love to see celebrities like Zac using their influence for good. We created Global Child almost four years ago to team up with the top influencers to yes, enjoy the world, but to also make it a better place by taking a moment to give back by leading by example. Doing good in twenty three countries, from providing food for  a leper colony in India for a year, to protecting sharks in Fiji and supporting orphanages in Greece… it’s a blessing to use our influence for a greater good. What’s the point of being on earth if we’re not going to at least try to make it a better place?” Says Augusto, a former host for NBC, Theologian and volunteer Christian Jail Chaplain.

As Covid lockdowns closed International boarders, Global Child’s Season 1 streaming numbers skyrocketed 10x to over 220,000 streaming hours in two months. Down to Earth also achieved success as both shows continue trending with audiences desperate for a getaway and a reprieve from the toxic political discourse.

“Perhaps people can’t travel like they used to for the moment, but hopefully we can bring some laughter and great travel ideas so that when the world re-opens everyone is ready to travel with purpose and help this world get back on track. Besides, it’s not every day that one gets to dive with 35 bull sharks, no cage and risking their life to promote ocean conservation… I’m sure my exes loved that  Fiji episode.” Quips Augusto.

Down to Earth is streaming on Netflix and Global Child “Travel with Purpose” Season two launched this week on Amazon Prime Video.

About Global Child
Global Child has been featured on American Airlines and another 13 major airlines and on Amazon Prime with a reach of almost one billion viewers. Valverde also hosted this year’s Miss New York USA beauty pageant and leads BIG Foundation a 501c3 that has all religions working together to help those in need. He recently completed a book for a major publisher about his travels.  You can see Season 1 & 2 of Global Child on Amazon Prime Video and connect with Augusto via Instagram @GlobalChildTV and find out more on:

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Amazon Prime’s Global Child “Travel with Purpose” & Netflix’s Down to Earth with Zac Efron bring hope to audiences through a new breed of uplifting travel shows.