Global Child “Travel with Purpose” Launches Epic New Season

Global Child “Travel with Purpose” Launches Epic New Season


LOS ANGELES, CA, July 1, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Diving into a cage-less bull shark feeding frenzy in Fiji, leaping out of a helicopter in Qatar or racing buggies across mountain ranges with Miss World on their way to support a special needs school are only a few uplifting adventures audiences will be able to enjoy a new season starting July 1st. Global Child “Travel with Purpose”, is now premiering their third Season on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock. Across their 28 episodes, the series has charmed global audiences with their cinematic storytelling and humor featuring celebrities such as Miss Universe (Catriona Gray), the reigning Miss World (Karolina Bielawska) and major influencers experiencing the most stunning destinations as they give back and make a positive difference.

“No matter your background, country, race or religion, we have so much more in common than what sets us apart…so you are a Global Child, we are all part of the family of humanity.” Says Augusto, who can’t seen to stop smiling these days. The former NBC Host, turned Jail Chaplain and author began the project seven years ago with no resources, but as he’d say, “a few good friends and a lot of faith”.

Global Child grew rapidly in popularity as its first two seasons populated the in-flight entertainment systems of airlines like American Airlines, Emirates, LATAM and 15 others.

“We’ve come a long way; from filming season one with a selfie stick to now having partnered to give back and have a positive impact around the world with the top brands in the tourism industry like Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Emirates Airlines & Dubai Tourism is a great blessing.” Declares Augusto who recently returned from a four week whirlwind world tour which included raising 75K USD for the Orphaned Starfish Foundation during a charity trip to Peru, forming part of the Jury at the Travel Video Awards in Medellin, Colombia, speaking at the Burj Al Arab Dubai for one of the world’s top Sustainability Galas and officiating the wedding of two latin celebrity friends (Carlos Ponce & Karina Banda) in Mexico.

Season three episodes now on Peacock thanks to a distribution deal with Fox First Run include: Mauritius “The Force of Nature”, Chile “The Impossible is Possible”, Dubai “The Power of Connection”, Poland “The Purpose of Teamwork”, Tanzania “Strengthen The Soul” and Thailand “Sharing Smiles”.

My favorite part is the impact we have together, from sponsoring leper colonies to supporting orphanages…” Says Augusto, a theologian and bilingual television host who also leads a non profit called BIG Foundation that fosters major world religions collaborating to tangibly impact people in need.

When asked what’s next Valverde smiles and says: “We don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. We all have a finite amount of time, so we might as well live intentionally and travel with purpose… loving others and make sure our lives leave a positive legacy.

Global Child “Travel with Purpose” is now streaming on Peacock and major airlines all over the world. For more information on Peacock, click here. 

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Global Child “Travel with Purpose” Launches Epic New Season