HOLA! USA Presents Its First LatiNEXT Issue Featuring Cover Stars Isabela Moner,...

HOLA! USA Presents Its First LatiNEXT Issue Featuring Cover Stars Isabela Moner, Denise Bidot, Juanpa Zurita, Marielena Davila, Franco Noriega

The Next Generation of Young Latinos Making a Difference in the Digital Era


NEW YORK, Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — HOLA! USA is proud to present the first LatiNEXT Issue. Gracing the October cover is the new generation of Latino media superstars: plus-size model Denise Bidot, who is changing the concept of female beauty to make it more inclusive; actress Isabela Moner, who is inspiring youth with her entrepreneurial spirit; Peruvian chef, singer, model, and restaurateur Franco Noriega, who drives us to explore our passions; actress and singer Marielena Dávila, who promotes body positivism; and actor, model, and businessman Juanpa Zurita, who promotes his humanitarian agenda.

In this issue, it is important to celebrate the thriving sociocultural group that is the new and powerful generation to carry the torch— the young Latinos who have been born and raised in the digital era and for whom technology is second nature. “The combination of youth, connectivity, and digital savviness has positioned the next generation of powerful Latinos a force evident in all areas of their lives,” Miguel Sirgado, editor-in-chief says.

In the October issue you will also find:

  • The “Best In Beauty” Awards – Over 200 winning products tried and tested – We imagine our readers as knowledgeable and innovative in all things beauty— recognizing that we have different skin tones and hair textures— and we are not a one-size-fits-all audience. In the spirit of celebrating beauty inclusivity, we’ve curated an array of products that caters to all women and speaks to modern-day trends.
  • Insightful Interviews
    • An exclusive interview with Dominican Paola Santana, one of Silicon Valley’s most influential Latinas, the founder of the first company in the world to create and use commercial drones for transportation.
    • Sofia Carson opens up about where she is in her professional and personal life.
    • Andrés Felipe Mosquera and Elayne Mosquera, Colombian models with the same last name but no relation, show off fall trends while candidly speaking about diversity in the fashion world.
  • In H! Living we take a look at the rebirth of Puerto Rico.
  • All access inside L’Attitude – The founders, Solomon ‘Sol’ Trujillo and Gary Acosta, discuss the groundbreaking event designed to empower Latinos to reclaim their contributions to the growing U.S. economy.

HOLA’s cover stars on LatiNEXT:
Isabela Moner on being a proud Latina: “I have to thank my mom because she’s the one who made me value my roots and where I come from. I grew up in Ohio, and in school they made fun of my accent. I wanted to stop speaking Spanish, so my mom sent me to Peru to go to school for a semester, and that’s where I learned to value my roots. [In terms of my music,] I really admire Rosalía. I’ve been recording for a year now, and I took that Latin pop I really love and added Peruvian instruments in the melodies.”

Juanpa Zurita on resonating with his 22 million + followers: “I gained a voice by accident. I slowly started to be a voice. There was a moment when I asked myself what would happen if I use all this for something bigger. Bigger than entertaining… trying to literally change the life of someone. For me social media is also kind of a personal autobiography. I almost have two different faces—either I’m serious or funny.”

Denise Bidot on how the fashion industry has changed: “When I started, fashion for curvy women was very ugly. Then they realized [and said]: ‘Oh wait, they are not buying only fashion for plus girls until they lose weight; they are not all on a diet. They are women comfortable with themselves and strong, who just want to dress like the others.’ When fashion caught up I was so excited!”

Marielena Davila on being real with her followers: “People respond when you’re real. When I talk about what is going on in Venezuela or about the fact that I have Hashimoto’s disease, that’s when people respond because it humanizes you. Growing up with celebrity parents, I learned to see through the façade, and I don’t buy into the hype. I want people to see I’m just human.”

Franco Noriega on his Latin background influencing his career: “I truly believe that [your country’s] flavors and spices are not only for food but should also be part of your [expressions] and personality.” Franco Noriega continues on advice for this new LatiNext generation: “Be yourself and work only with people who really believe in you.”

**More quotes from all stories available upon request**

Available to subscribers on September 5 and on newsstands September 13th

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HOLA! USA Presents Its First LatiNEXT Issue Featuring Cover Stars Isabela Moner, Denise Bidot, Juanpa Zurita, Marielena Davila, Franco Noriega