Include in Your Thanksgiving Dinner the Mediterranean Touch of European Olives From...

Include in Your Thanksgiving Dinner the Mediterranean Touch of European Olives From Olives from Spain


NEW YORK, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The most popular holiday in the United States, Thanksgiving, is based on family and unity. Values with which we identify ourselves in the Mediterranean culture, where the olive tree has always brought union and peace. The fruit of the olive tree is a key piece in the healthy Mediterranean diet and ideal for big celebrations, which will help you give a special touch to your Thanksgiving Dinner.

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On a day as special as Thanksgiving, 90% of Americans will eat turkey according to a study by the University of Illinois. More than 50 million turkeys will be cooked in the quintessential celebration that defines the country. However, with society’s new food trends, more and more families are choosing to include vegetarian or vegan options as a main course.

Such a holiday deserves a topnotch dish, a recipe that takes your proposal to the next level and surprise your guests. For that, you don’t have to go crazy. By simply adding the versatile European olive to your menu, your dishes will continue to maintain the traditional essence of your recipes and add a distinguished touch that will delight your guests.

In addition to turkey, the main symbol around which the entire Thanksgiving menu revolves, new vegetable options also require maximum care and that is why olives are a perfect option to turn your recipe side dishes into something unforgettable. Manzanilla, Hojiblanca, Queen, stuffed with Pimiento… the variety is another of its attributes and can be found in numerous types and formats: whole, sliced, pitted, stuffed and with hundreds of dressings.

Stuffed turkey with olives

If there is a product suitable for big celebrations it’s the turkey. Accompany it with a few European olives and you will elevate its flavor to another level.

Thanksgiving vegan Wellington

Because not everything is about roast turkey on Thanksgiving, here is a delicious and healthy vegan alternative: Wellington made with mushrooms, vegetables and Queen olives.

About INTERACEITUNA and Olives from Spain

INTERACEITUNA is the Interprofessional Organization of Table Olive recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food that represents the whole sector producing, processing and marketing table olives. Created to implement different programs and activities of general interest, INTERACEITUNA promotes knowledge of Spanish table olives and carries out research and development related to production and production techniques. INTERACEITUNA has partnered with the European Union to promote this product.


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Include in your Thanksgiving dinner the Mediterranean touch of European olives from Olives from Spain




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Include in Your Thanksgiving Dinner the Mediterranean Touch of European Olives From Olives from Spain