Ismael Cala and Juan Arango take the field with other Vinotinto stars

Ismael Cala and Juan Arango take the field with other Vinotinto stars


The Ismael Cala Foundation has entered into a partnership to develop an emotional intelligence program in Venezuela. Players Tomas Rincón and Roberto Rosales are also participating.

MIAMI, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Venezuelan soccer star Juan Arango, joined by good friends and fellow teammates on Venezuela’s national team, Tomas Rincón and Roberto Rosales, have gotten together with the Ismael Cala Foundation to pool their efforts in El Vuelo de la Cometa (‘Flying a Kite’), a program for emotional intelligence in Venezuela. (The national soccer team is known as Vinotinto, or ‘Red Wine,’ because of the players’ burgundy-colored jerseys).   

‘Flying a Kite’ is a program based on the ‘Train the trainer’ model, which works with Positive Psychology, Neurosciences and Mindfulness to develop emotional intelligence and leadership. It arose with the purpose of providing a learning environment conducive to the development of positive leadership, among active students who are committed to helping those around them.  

The program consists of a series of training sessions that enable students and teachers to increase their self-knowledge, skills and potential for leadership and emotional intelligence.

“We at the Ismael Cala Foundation are very pleased and grateful to be forging alliances that are driving the growth and exponential development of our young people. On this occasion, we’re particularly grateful to @juan18arango and his Vinotinto teammates @tomasrincon8 and @robertico_r for supporting our project, “Flying a Kite,” through which we are seeking to motivate a generation of emotionally intelligent adolescents,” said Ismael Cala.

Ismael is taking the field with Vinotinto on behalf of the young people of Venezuela and Latin America to raise funds to develop the program and provide tools for emotional intelligence to young people, who will be tomorrow’s heroes and leaders.  

Here are some of the figures that we should keep in mind: 

Half of all mental disorders begin at the age of 14 or younger, but in most cases they are neither detected nor treated. Nearly 4 out of every 10 students in Latin America does not finish high school.  

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 19.

In light of this reality, the Foundation has created “Flying a Kite” so people can join forces to change this situation.

Anyone who is interested can donate to this campaign at, starting at $1 dollar.  

The mission of the Ismael Cala Foundation, acting in concert with other foundations, academic institutions and businesses in the region, is to provide programs of emotional leadership, vocational guidance and education for at-risk Hispanic children, adolescents and young people Latin America and the Caribbean. It is currently firming up a collaborative relationship with Venezuelan soccer star Juan Arango, with the aim of strengthening and moving forward with “Flying a Kite,” its program for Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

Juan Arango is a soccer player, athlete, father, husband and historic athletic symbol in his country – a leading figure in Venezuelan soccer who has earned his place as one of the greatest free-kick masters in all of Europe and South America.  

A number of artists have also joined the initiative.  

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Ismael Cala and Juan Arango take the field with other Vinotinto stars