Ismael Cala Creates Cala Speakers, a Platform with the Best Leaders, Coaches...

Ismael Cala Creates Cala Speakers, a Platform with the Best Leaders, Coaches and Experts in the Americas

Main members include Kike Santander, Boris Izaguirre, Ingrid Macher, Luz María Doria, Cecilia Ramírez Harris and Adriana Macías


MIAMI, April 28, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Cala Speakers, the representation and promotion agency founded by Ismael Cala, is now up and running. Its aim is to create a community of leaders made up of the best influencers, experts and coaches in order to offer training solutions and events to public and private organizations.

Among the first members are four-time Grammy winner, Colombian producer and composer Kike Santander; and award-winning Venezuelan writer and host, Boris Izaguirre.

Others include Ingrid Macher, the most influential Hispanic in health and wellbeing in the United States and Latin America; Luz María Doria, writer and producer; Cecilia Ramírez Harris, journalist and writer; Samar Yorde, physician and nutritionist; and Tuti Furlán, psychologist and host. The list also includes motivators Laura Posada (USA), Maickel Melamed (Venezuela), Adriana Macías (Mexico), Juanpi Dolante (Panama) and Marcos Delgadillo (Bolivia).

The catalogue of Cala Speakers offers an exclusive selection of speakers with a wide range of expertise. Additional influencers are in the process of being incorporated.

“I would like to welcome everyone who has decided to work with us in Cala Speakers, a platform created with the purpose of expanding our message of growth, wellbeing and leadership. We already have on board a team of leaders of the first order, and we will continue to add the best in each area for our workshops and conferences scheduled throughout the Americas,” said Ismael Cala from India, where he is currently holding the second edition of Cala Mundos with a group of 50 people.

Associates of Cala Speakers – and anyone interested in the art of public speaking – can be part of Cala Speaking Academy, the Ismael Cala oratory school, which is offering a three-day session in Miami in November. For more information:


Life and human development strategist, best-selling author and international speaker, for more than five years, Cala was the host of CALA on CNN en Español.

He is currently considered one the most important communicators in the Americas, and his message of social entrepreneurship, mindfulness and wellbeing is a touchstone for millions of followers of his books, seminars, workshops and lectures throughout Latin America. Cala has visited more than 25 countries and impacted hundreds of thousands of people through his message.

He currently is the official contributor to the program “Despierta América” (Wake up, America) on Univision, and writes a weekly column for more than 50 Latin American and U.S. publications. “The New York Times” has named him the “Latin Larry King.”

Author of the best sellers “Despierta con Cala” (Wake up with Cala), “La vida es una piñata” (Life Is a Pinata), “El analfabeto emocional” (The Emotional Illiterate), “El poder de escuchar” (The Power of Listening), “Un buen hijo de p…” (A Real Son of a B…) and “El secreto del bambú” (The Secret of Bambu), Cala was born in Santiago, Cuba (1969), and holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Oriente University. He coauthored “Beat the Curve” with Brian Tracy. He is a graduate of the York University School of Communications in Toronto and has a diploma from Seneca in Television Production.

He has partnered with great mentors such as Deepak Chopra and John C. Maxwell and received training from coaches like Tony Robbins and Miguel Ruiz. Cala is part of the contributing faculty group at Atlantis University and Next University. He is the President of Cala Enterprises Corporation. Visit:


Ismael Cala Creates Cala Speakers, a Platform with the Best Leaders, Coaches and Experts in the Americas