The US Minority Chamber Of Commerce is Ready for the Exclusive Premier...

The US Minority Chamber Of Commerce is Ready for the Exclusive Premier Bi-Annual the Americas Security Summit Miami 2019


MIAMI, Sept. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ —

The Premier Edition will highlight four main discussion:
1. Crime, U.S Economy and terrorism threats;
2. Cyber to disrupt and sow discord economy injury to U.S business
3. Identify and exploit points to protect American’s business interests.
4. Bad actors are inciting violence in our neighborhood against America’s business interests.
U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce 

The premier bi-annual The Americas Security Summit Miami 2019 is on and we’re getting ready for our biggest and best Security Summit yet! Every six months, the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce (U.S MCC) will provide the very best forum for security awareness against transnational crime. This 2019 edition with a focus on Security and Cyber Intelligence. This two-day Conference includes expert awareness-focused talks, interactive discussions, networking events.

The 2019 Miami Edition to be held at the wonderful Trump National Doral Miami this September 23rd-24th, 2019. and focus in the cooperating across borders: Tackling Illicit Flows, Kidnapping and Extorsion. For more information:

The Miami Summit 2019 represents a major step forward in the fight against transnational organized crime and signifies the recognition of members and partners of the U.S MCC around our country of the seriousness of the problems posed by it, as well as the need to foster and enhance close international cooperation in order to tackle those problems. The magistral security conference will be attended by more than 100 high-profile and senior decision-makers as well as thought-leaders from around the region, including Mayors, Chiefs of Police, leading personalities of international and non-governmental organizations, high-ranking representatives in the industry and the civil society to engage in an intensive debate during the 2 days of the magistral activity.

The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce recognizes the importance of cooperation and sharing to ensure a more effective approach to combating the common threats faced by the countries of Latin America and the United States. The Official Agenda is:

Day 1 Friday September 23, 2019

An overview of the Western Hemisphere

8:00 A.M. Welcome Message. Mr. Doug Mayorga, Chairman, U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce

8:15 A.M.  International delegation’s presentation Across Central America

8:45 A.M the Contrast of Peru’s Challenges from Central America. Retired Army General Wilson Barrantes, Perú

9:00 A.M. Panel, Transnational Security, Mitigating International Homeland Security threats in the Western Hemisphere: International Law Enforcement Regional Perspectives. Various

10:00 A.M. Miami-Dade Department of Homeland Security, Mitigation, Security and Preparedness in the Face of Transnational Crimes. Brian Rafky, Director of Intelligence, South East Fusion Center Miami

10:30 A.M. Mitigating Homegrown Terrorism in America, Active Shooters in Safe and Public Spaces, address by Chief Orlando Rolon, City of Orlando Chief of Police

11:00 A.M. One on One with the Honorable Mayor of the Rural City of La Mana in Ecuador, Hipolito Carrera: The Rural Communities and the Transnational Crime

11:45 A.M Recess

12:15 NOON: An overview about the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce, presented by Doug Mayorga, CEO and Founder.

12:25 P.M .  Chief Ms. Mirtha Ramos, Miami Dade County Police, the intelligence development trough Fusion able to assist as a Partner to Law Enforcement from Latin America and the Caribbean.

12:45 P.M. Panel, Global Illicit Activities, Securing the Western Hemisphere’s penetrable Borders Through International Cooperation. Tomás Ángeles Dauahare, Retired General, Armed Forces of Mexico

1:15 P.M. The Western Hemisphere: A Beacon of Collaboration, Economic Development for 22nd Century Public and Global Security, Doug Mayorga, Chairman, U.S. Minority Chamber of Commerce and Secretary of National Security of Costa Rica, Mr. Michael Soto

2:30 P.M.  A One of One the Exponential Growth of Transnational Organized Crime in Mexico, General Tomas Angeles former Sub Secretary of Defense Mexico.

3:45 P.M.  The Private Sector of Honduras Speaks out, one on one with Security Private companies about the challenge and development of the crime and reason of illegal immigration

5:00 PM A Welcome Reception 

Day 2 Tuesday September 24, 2019

8:00 AM   Announcing of the Schools of Transnational Crime in Miami for Latin America & The Caribbean, presented by Doug Mayorga, CEO of the U.S MCC

8:30 AM Addressing Illicit Human and Arms Trade: The Internal Threat to Peru’s economy, tourism and the challenges of ensuring public security of the Andes, Wilson Barrante, Retired General, Peruvian Department of Defense

9:45 A.M. Miami-Dade Police Intelligence and Transnational Investigation Unit, on Global Crimes: Financial Extorsion through Blackmail, Sex Crimes, Business and Illegal Immigration in the Cybersecurity Age. R. Jaime Nuñez, Captain, Miami-Dade Police


10:45 A.M. “The Criminal Activity and Terrorism, Strategies and Challenges for Miami Dade County as the Gateway in Latin America, presented by Chief, Ana Jorge, director of training for Miami Dade County

11:15 A.M.  Chief Alfredo G. Larrinaga, Director of Economic Crime, the importance of conducting intelligence against international fraud and money laundry.

11:45 A.M. Chief Jesus Ramirez, Director Narcotic Bureau of Miami Dade County Police Department, the crime of narcotic and kidnappings for ransom.

12:15 NOON – Remark by Hon. Mayor, Mr Hipolito Carrera. A brief presentation about his community

12:30 P.M. Working Lunch Speaker Series, Wilson Barrante, Retired General, 2020 Presidential Candidate, Peru

12:45 P.M. The International Forum: Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras, how understanding the criminal culture.

2:00 P.M. International Law Enforcement Tour to Fusion Miami Dade

4:30 P.M.  International Tour to Southern Command

6:30 P.M   Awards reception dinner

“This premier edition, our mission of the Summit’s success will not be possible without extensive collaboration across foreign actors, members and partners in the United States,” said Doug Mayorga, CEO of the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce. “The world is evolving, and our summit provides the opportunity to capitalize on our initiatives, explore new ideas, and unify our businesses with our counterpart in the region against criminals, and international threats. Our country is stronger when we counter and mitigate threats with a collective defense, preparedness and partnership”.

About the U.S MCC: Founded in September 2000 and Headquarters in Washington DC, with global centers in in Los Angeles, Miami and Puerto Rico, is preparing a security conference in order to reach  main compromise from actors in the international security sector to build public-private partnership- coalitions – not just across borders but also across sectors that include civil society and U.S private enterprise to be localized in affected communities. More information:

The event will be broadcast, including most of our debates, and disseminate the results of our events via reports, interviews, and social media.

For Interview and RSPV:
Maria Loaisiga
Senior Director- Public Affairs U.S MCC

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The US Minority Chamber Of Commerce is Ready for the Exclusive Premier Bi-Annual the Americas Security Summit Miami 2019