TAVAD’s Opiate Detox Under Sedation Facilitates Rehabilitation in 74% of Cases

TAVAD’s Opiate Detox Under Sedation Facilitates Rehabilitation in 74% of Cases

The TAVAD detoxification center continues to reproduce excellent results in its opioid detox treatment. Of all patients who completed treatment in 2016 for addiction to opioids such as heroin or methadone, 100% successfully went through the detoxification process, and 74% are progressing positively one year after hospital discharge.


MADRID, July 3, 2017 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Since first publishing its results in 1998 for the Carlos III Health Institute’s Agency for Health Technology Assessment (Agencia de Evaluación de Tecnologías Sanitarias del Instituto de Salud Carlos III), TAVAD has spent almost 30 years maintaining its policy of transparency, evaluating and publicizing the results of its patients’ treatment.

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Specifically, 74% of the patients who treated their addiction to opioids such as heroin or methadone successfully completed the rehabilitation program after a year of treatment. As the Center itself reports, the clinical profile of patients with problems of addiction to these substances is of males, 63% of whom are single, with an average approximate age of 38.

The first phase of opioid detox treatment may last up to 4 days, and is carried out at the TAVAD hospital unit, the first 6 hours under deep sedation. As it turns out, the advanced pharmacological intervention that is implemented will be key to the patient’s recovery. “During the days of hospital admission, the patient may experience a radical change in normalization of indicators of distress such as anxiety, depression, sleepiness or even appetite. Craving for the drug disappears and his mood may improve significantly, along with his intellectual acuity. This, too, is indicative of an improvement in the patient’s quality of life,” notes Dr. Legarda, Director of the Clinic with offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

Once the hospital stay is over, the patient is observed during a 12-month rehabilitation in which he will be provided with personalized medical, psychological and pharmacological support attuned to his needs.

The inclusion of specific programs of nutrition, personal training and mindfulness adapted to each patient helping to reinforce the results of this treatment, are some of the latest additions incorporated into this advanced addiction treatment which is unique in Spain.

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SOURCE TAVAD (Tratamientos Avanzados de la Adicción)

TAVAD’s Opiate Detox Under Sedation Facilitates Rehabilitation in 74% of Cases