América Moreno’s new book “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo” is...

América Moreno’s new book “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo” is an autobiography of a woman and her constant struggle against abuse and mistreatment that leaves a clear message


PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, Jan. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — The recent release of the book, “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo”, written by the author América Moreno, and published by the publisher Page Publishing, presents us with a real story, narrated by its protagonist, that suffered abuse, pain, and trauma in a broken home.  And with whose experience she seeks to leave a precedent of support for those who are going through these same circumstances.

América Moreno, a loving mother of three, has completed her new book “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo”: a closer look into the journey of América as she grew up with a terribly abusive father and a dying mom while taking care of her siblings. Her hellish life didn’t change even when she started her own family; she suffered a lot, running back and forth in never-ending pain.

“This is the sad story of a girl who was born in a very remote place of civilization where the most essential was lacking. Most of the people were very poor, illiterate, could not read or write. Her name América Moreno Morales was the third daughter of a marriage, formed by Eliza Morales and Samuel Moreno. Eliza was a very sick woman with asthma, and Samuel was an alcoholic, abusive, selfish man who only thought about himself.

It didn’t matter to him that his wife was so ill, she was dying and starving. On top of that he still mistreated, humiliated, and always acted jealous. In that home there was only bitterness and a lot of pain.

Eliza’s poor health did not give for more, leaving her children completely unprotected. At the mercy of a man who didn’t know what it was to be a father.

At the age of ten, América had to take care of her 3 little siblings. Being in the same hell that her mother lived, at the age of 14 an evil man fell in love with her, and since she was a child, she ignored him. He kidnapped her and did to her what he wanted. He raped her, humiliated her, beat her every day. A year later, someone murdered him and she fled. América fell in love and found her happiness. She soon woke up from that dream and would enter what would be her third hell. But it was no longer just her, but her little daughters as well.

They would accompany her to leave one hell to enter another. And this is how she spent much of her life. She came to United States to give her daughters a better lifestyle, and she met the devil himself. She couldn’t believe such bad luck and after 5 years, she had to return to Mexico. Her daughters were threatened with death and only in Mexico would they be safe. She kept meeting bad people and suffering a lot. Until 1995, her first treasure arrived and with it came peace, happiness and all the good things. Thank you, my God.”

Published by Page Publishing, América Moreno’s stirring life story may have been a downpour of hurts and a storm of traumatic events, yet in the end of it all is a life of peace and joy as God saved her.

This book is for those people who like to read stories with heartfelt narration, where the life experiences leave a message of encouragement and learning. Readers who wish to experience this great work can purchase “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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América Moreno’s new book “Bajo el mismo techo que mi verdugo” is an autobiography of a woman and her constant struggle against abuse and mistreatment that leaves a clear message